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The Best Outdoor Toys For Toddlers

As the mother of little ones, I know the importance of outdoor play when the weather permits. Summer is the perfect time to soak up that vitamin D and break out the summer toys. Longer days allow for more activities and experiences, so here are the best outdoor toys that will excite and entertain your toddler for hours.

Top 5 Best Outdoor Toddler ToysWhy It's BestRating
Little Tikes Easy Score Basketball SetIncludes 3 balls, adjustable height, lightweight, easy to assemble♥♥♥♥♥
StarryBB Bean Bag Toss Game 4-in-1, play inside or outside, portable, encourages hand/eye coordination♥♥♥♥♥
Little Tikes Toddler SlideEasy to assemble, stable, wide sturdy bottom, easy to store♥♥♥♥♥
Bubble Mower for ToddlersMakes lawnmower sounds, encourages walking, continuous bubbles, easy to refill♥♥♥♥
Little Tikes T-Ball Set Comes with 5 balls, lightweight, oversized bat, sturdy♥♥♥♥

Outdoor Toys For Your Toddler

Little Tikes T-Ball Set with 5 Balls 

Little Tikes T-Ball Set, Red, 5 Balls, for Toddlers Ages 18+ Months – Amazon Exclusive

The Little Tikes T-Ball Set with 5 Balls is a great way for your kids to burn off energy while practicing their swing. The adjustable height makes it perfect for kids ages 18 months through 6 years. Adjust the height by rotating the red pole into the blue base; it becomes higher or lower depending on the direction you are screwing it.

The sturdy base stays upright even when hit with the bat, so no need to worry about it tipping over. Yet it’s lightweight enough to be picked up and moved around making it easy to take with you to the park or a friend’s house.

This set can be shared with friends or played with alone. When your child is done, the base and the bat can conveniently be hung up for easy storage. Some reviewers noted a little trouble figuring out how to hang it. It should also be mentioned there isn’t anything included to store all the balls.

Items Included

With 5 plastic tee balls included, your child can get a few good hits in before having to run and retrieve the balls. The oversized bat makes it easier for little hands to swing and hit the ball, sending it flying across the yard. It’s also flat on one side, so hitting the ball is easier than ever. 

What We Love

  • Comes with 5 balls
  • Lightweight enough to carry
  • Sturdy enough to stay upright
  • Brightly colored
  • Adjustable height base
  • Great portability
  • Can be hung up for out-of-the-way storage
  • Oversized bat for easy hitting
  • Hollow balls that won’t break things


  • Might be a little tricky to figure out how to hang it
  • Does not come with any way to store the balls, so they may get lost over time

Bubble Mower for Toddlers

JUMELLA Automatic Lawn Mower Bubble Machine with Music for Kids, Baby Activity Walker for Outdoor, Push Toys for Toddler, Christmas Birthday Gifts for Preschool Boys Girls

The Bubble Mower for Toddlers will delight any toddler with its bubble-blowing magic. As soon as your child can stand, they can push this mower around. It will help steady them and build up their motor skills. 

The realistic sounds this mower produces will excite young children as they pretend to mow the lawn and help with the yard, just like mommy and daddy. It encourages outdoor pretend play as well as exercise.

An automatic bubble blower sits in the front and rotates as the mower is pushed along. As it rotates, it produces hundreds of colorful bubbles that float up into the air. Running around outside popping bubbles is a joy all children should experience. This bubble blower produces 6 times the amount of bubbles a single wand makes. It’s also continuous, so the bubbles just keep coming.

The assembly is easy, just snap all the parts together. While there are no tools needed, a small screwdriver is included to open the battery compartment.

For easy storing, the handle pops off to reduce space. This isn’t necessary though if your child plays with it often. Just be sure to keep it out of the rain so the battery compartment doesn’t rust.

If you ever decide you want to clean out the bubble solution basin, spray it down with a hose and allow it to dry (your child will love the sudsy bubbles this produces as well).

One complaint some parents had is that the bubble basin is uncovered. So if your child is unsteady the bubble solution easily splashes out and is wasted. This can also happen if your little one runs and then stops suddenly. Other parents, however, didn’t find this to be an issue because it was easier and less messy to refill.

Another issue that was noted is the circulating holes, through which the bubbles come out, don’t reach the bottom of the basin fully which means there is always a little bit of bubble solution left that can’t be reached.

Items Included

Included with this bubble mower are three bottles of bubble solution. When those run out, any bubble solution can be used in its place. Batteries are needed for the blower to work and are not included (3AA). When the batteries run out and the mower no longer produces bubbles, it can still be pushed around for pretend play in the yard.

What We Love

  • Realistic lawnmower sounds
  • Produces hundreds of bubbles
  • Easy to refill
  • Bubble solution included
  • Encourages walking
  • Easy to assemble
  • Brightly colored
  • Handle pops off for easy storage
  • Use with or without the bubbles
  • Easy to clean, just spray with a hose


  • Uncovered bubble basin
  • Circulating holes don’t reach all the bubble solution

Bean Bag Toss Game 

RC Cars - 1:12 Remote Control Car with Spray and LED Light, Remote Control Car for Boys 8-12 Girls Adult 2.4GHz All Terrain Monster Truck with Rechargeable Battery Racing Car Toy Car for Christmas

If you’re looking for fun games to play with the kids, this Bean Bag Game 4-in-1 Set is a clear winner.

Play these games inside or outside. They are lightweight and portable enough to take to parties or friend’s houses. The framework collapses and folds into a storage bag with an easy carry handle. Toss it into your trunk next time you head to the park.

The dartboard is easily hung on any vertical surface with an included suction hook. The board itself is velcro to enable the sticky dart balls to attach. The dart balls (10 included) are small velcro wrapped balls that won’t harm your walls.

These dart balls are color coordinated in order to play with others and keep score (great use of math skills). However, your child will have fun just throwing the balls and making them stick to the board without keeping score. This is a great introduction to overhand throwing. 

Your child can now have their very own cornhole board just like the grown-ups. It stands upright and comes with plastic spikes to keep the structure from falling over. There are 4 holes, each one with its own score. The holes are enlarged so little ones have an easier time playing. 

Included with the cornhole game are 6 colored bean bags, enough to play with friends or practice by yourself. The board features brightly colored cartoon dinosaurs, which is appealing and eye-catching to young children.

The third game included with this set is a ROTA game. The board lays flat on the ground and 2 players use strategic moves to try and get 3 of their bean bags in a row to win.

This set would be ideal for a kid’s party or a children’s carnival. With 4 different games to play, your child won’t get bored. It’s also a great alternative to screen time and encourages concentration and throwing skills.

Some reviewers did note having some trouble folding the set back into the carry bag. You’ll want to be careful and do it correctly so you don’t permanently bend the frame.

Items Included

This diverse 3-in-1 set comes with a ROTA game board (6 bags), a cornhole board (use same bags from ROTA game), and a child-friendly dart game (10 dart balls). A suction cup and 4 plastic stakes are also included.

What We Love

  • Includes 3 games
  • Play anywhere
  • Dart balls are small and easy for little hands to grasp
  • Cornhole board has enlarged holes for easy scoring
  • Colored beanbags to play with friends
  • Can play alone or with others
  • Spikes are included to hold down the boards
  • Play indoors or outdoors
  • Great for hand and eye coordination
  • Portable, take anywhere
  • Good alternative to screen time
  • Keeping score encourages mental math


  • Sometimes tricky to fold back into the carry bag
  • Be careful when folding the frame

ToyerBee Beach Toys – 24pcs Sand Toys Set 

The ToyerBee Beach Toys- 24pcs Sand Toys Set provides endless fun for your toddler.

Whether playing in the sand, the water or even the dirt, this set of colorful toys will help your child’s imagination come alive.

These plastic toys are non-toxic and BPA-free, so safe for children to play with. A 3-year warranty is included for any damage or defect.

A drawstring mesh backpack comes with this set for easy storage and portability anywhere you go. However, some parents thought it was too small to carry all the toys. The mesh fabric assures the toys are able to dry out and prevent mold as well as allows sand or dirt to easily fall off them.

Kids love digging and creating, this set encourages imagination as well as creativity. This gives your child hours of fun that will likely keep them entertained for a long time. 

These toys are very versatile. You can take them to the beach or simply play with them in the backyard. Be prepared for your child to show you all of their creations. They also make fun bathtub toys.

Keep them stored out of the sun or the colors fade. Some parents thought the buckets were a little small and didn’t like that, while other parents didn’t mind the size because their children had an easier time handling them. With so many pieces, some are bound to get lost over time.

Items Included

Included in this bundle is 1 water wheel, 5 digging tools, 2 buckets, 1 small watering can, 10 molds, and 4 castle building molds.

What We Love

  • Lots of different and versatile pieces to play with
  • Very colorful and cheery
  • Great for either sand or water, as well as mud
  • BPA-free and non-toxic plastic
  • Encourages creativity and imagination
  • Easy to clean off
  • Comes with a mesh drawstring backpack for easy portability


  • Mesh bag is a little small
  • Smaller than average bucket size
  • Easy to lose with so many pieces

Little Tikes First Slide Toddler Slide

Little Tikes First Slip And Slide, Easy Set Up Playset for Indoor Outdoor Backyard, Easy to Store, Safe Toy for Toddler,Kids (Red/Blue), 39.00''L x 18.00''W x 23.00''H

The Little Tikes First Slide Toddler Slide is a perfect beginner slide for your little ones aged 18 months to around 6 years (with a maximum weight limit of 60 pounds). Bright colors appeal to young children as they learn to climb and slide.

There are three small steps to climb up in the back with handles at the top to hold on to before sliding down the front. The base of the steps and the slide is slightly wider than the top as a safety feature to keep it sturdy and prevent tipping.

little tikes my first slide

The slide’s versatility allows for both outdoor play as well as indoor play. It can even be used with a plastic kiddie pool as a fun waterslide on hot summer days. Your kids will be entertained all afternoon!

Some reviewers noted that significant force was required when snapping the handles into place during assembly. However, other reviewers loved how easy the setup was, with only three parts to snap together and no tools required. It also stores easily by folding onto itself without the use of tools. Just pick it up and the steps collapse under the slide.

Items Included

Being only 3 feet tall and 5 feet long, this slide can fit in small indoor spaces.

What We Love

  • Brightly colored
  • Fast assembly with only three parts, no tools (steps, slide, handles)
  • Easy to store, just lift up, and the slide becomes compact
  • Fits in small spaces
  • Can use with a plastic kiddie pool or small ball pit
  • An inside or outside toy
  • Wide bottom for stability


  • Handles might be tricky to attach and snap into place

Splash Pad Sprinkler Mat for Kids

SUSENGO Splash Pad Sprinkler Mat for Kids, Large Size 74.8

On hot days when your kids want to get wet, the Splash Pad Sprinkler for Kids is perfect.

This giant watermelon sprinkler pool is a whopping 74.8 inches across, with plenty of room for your little one and some friends (space allows up to 4 kids room to play around). They can sit down and splash in the water or stand up and jump through the sprinklers.

Turn your backyard into a waterpark. This water oasis is guaranteed to provide hours of fun playtime. It’s ideal for ages 36 months up to 12 years.

The refreshing sprinklers spray from multiple spots all around the outside edge of the pool so everyone gets equally soaked. 

Assembly of the splash pad is a breeze. Simply use a pump to inflate the outer ring then connect a hose to the water valve on the side and secure it with the included hose clamps. Once you turn the water on, you’ll have a functional splash pad. Adjust the sprinkler height by controlling the water pressure from your hose. An instruction manual is included with easy-to-follow directions.

This watermelon splash pad is constructed with heavy-duty PVC material that ensures no leaking or cracking. It’s also BPA and phthalates-free, which means it’s safe for little ones to play on.

The outer ring of the splash pad is slightly increased in size, to more easily hold water, forming a small pool for younger children to play in.

With a depth of 6-7 inches when filled with water, this splash pad is safe for even toddlers to play in (with parent supervision of course).

Children love the vivid watermelon colors this water toy displays, it even comes complete with little black seeds on the bottom.

Beat the heat and bring this splash pad to your next playdate, reunion, carnival, or BBQ, it will be a favorite for sure.

When the kids have had their fun and it’s time to put the splash pad away, simply deflate the ring and unhook the water hose. Squeeze the water out and prop it up to dry. You can also just leave it out but keep in mind if left for too long, it may kill the grass underneath it. You can avoid this by moving it around every few days. However, dragging it across the grass or pavement can cause punctures, so be sure to carry it when it’s empty.

Try and keep this in the shade whenever possible and avoid direct sunlight. The PVC tends to heat up in the sun and can feel too hot to a little child’s hands. This also helps avoid sunburns if your child will be playing in it for hours.

Items Included

A 65-inch splash pad, sprayer coupling, instruction manual, and 2 hose clamps are included with this sprinkler set.

What We Love

  • Wide enough to comfortably hold up the 4 kids
  • 6-7 inches in depth when filled with water
  • Sit and swim or stand and splash
  • Multiple sprayers all around the rim
  • Easy to set up and assemble
  • Made with heavy-duty  durable PVC
  • BPA and phthalates free
  • Increased ring to hold more water
  • Vivid, fun colors
  • A hit in any setting


  • Move it around (while it’s empty) every few days to avoid damaging your grass
  • PVC can get hot in direct sun
  • If possible, set it up in the shade

Desuccus Dinosaur Automatic Bubble Machine

The Desuccus Dinosaur Automatic Bubble Machine is a fun way to excite any child. This bubble-blowing dino allows kids to run around while they try to catch bubbles.

With 4 ounces of bubble solution included, it’s easy to get the party started right out of the box. However, this bubble machine does require 3 AA batteries which are not included.

This bubble blower creates 1000 bubbles per minute. Simply push the button on the back to start the 9 bubble wands rotating in the solution. The basin is inside the mouth making it easy to refill. Its hands-free design allows you to simply turn it on and set it down. Your child can run through or dance in the bubbles. 

A great addition to playdates or children’s parties, this blower even makes bath time more fun (keep out of the bath). It’s lightweight and small enough to easily be carried around. Toss it in your car to add some extra fun at the park or the pool.

Your child will love seeing bubbles come out of the dinosaur’s mouth. Kids love the child-friendly design and its big smile. This can be enjoyed at any age although pouring the solution into the basin should be handled by older kids or grown-ups.

While the motor on this bubble machine is powerful, it’s also very quiet so it’s wont disrupt playtime or be a nuisance to grown-ups.

Items Included

You’ll receive 4 ounces of bubble solution, a screwdriver, and a dinosaur bubble machine that stands 7.5 inches tall.

What We Love

  • Cheery and colorful dinosaur design
  • Hands-free can be set anywhere
  • 4-ounce bubble solution included
  • Generates over 1000 bubbles per minute
  • Has 9 rotating bubble wands
  • Easy to fill bubble basin
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Quiet motor


  • Requires 3AA batteries which are not included

Little Tikes Easy Score Basketball Set

Little Tikes Easy Score Basketball Set, Blue, 3 Balls - Amazon Exclusive, 23.75 x 22 x 61 inches

If your child enjoys throwing balls then the Little Tikes Easy Score Basketball Set will score some points with them.

The height of the basketball hoop adjusts from 2.5 feet tall up to 4 feet tall with 6 easy clicks, to accommodate children ages 18 months to 5 years old. An oversized rim makes it easier for little players to make baskets by catching the ball and helping it fall into the net. 

Assembly is a cinch with a base, hoop, and net that snap together. No hardware is required. The hardest part about putting it together is stretching the net out enough to hook onto the rim. The base can be weighed down with sand or water although it’s not a requirement (sand not included). Reviewers said that the base was sturdy enough without being filled to prevent tipping over. 

This basketball set helps to develop motor skills as well as hand and eye coordination. It also encourages social skills when playing with other kids.

Overall, the Little Tikes basketball set is lightweight to easily be carried from the garage to the yard. Its small size makes it simple to keep in the living room for some quick free throws before bedtime. One thing that reviewers did mention was the rim isn’t meant to be hung on. So if your child does hang on it, the rim may permanently be bent forward. 

Items Included

Included with the hoop are three junior-sized plastic basketballs, great for small hands to hold and throw.

What We Love

  • Adjustable height for growing kids
  • Comes with three junior balls
  • Lightweight and easy to carry around
  • Can be played alone or with friends
  • Easy to assemble, no tools required
  • Sturdy enough without filling the base
  • Bright colors that won’t fade


  • Getting the net stretched out and hooked onto the rim is tedious
  • The rim is not strong enough to be hung on and will bend.

TOMY John Deere Dump Truck & Toy Tractor With Loader Set

John Deere Vehicle Set - Includes Dump Truck Toy and Tractor Toy with Loader - Ages 18 Months and Up - 6 Inch, Green, 2 Count

The TOMY John Deere Dump Truck & Toy Tractor With Loader Set is the perfect toy for hours of digging fun.

These trucks are officially licensed by John Deere and anyone who knows tractors knows that John Deere is well known for quality. These toys are no exception to that, they also look like the real thing.

Each construction vehicle includes free-rolling wheels to drive over any surface. The parts are fully functional with a moving dump truck bed and front loader. These trucks are the perfect size for little hands to maneuver and play with.

Ideal for the sandbox or dirt, these trucks can scoop up and dump all sorts of things, even smaller toys. Your child will love pushing things around and leaving piles wherever they go. The bright-colored paint won’t chip or rub off in the sand. However, if left in direct sunlight for extended periods of time, the color will eventually start to dull and fade.

These trucks would make a great birthday gift for the little digger in your life. Also, having 2 trucks makes it easy to share with a friend.

Bring this to the beach and your child will have endless fun scooping and dumping the sand and water. Watch them create sandcastles, mudpies, and roadways. This set inspires and encourages imaginative play which is a great alternative to screen time.

Even without anything to scoop up, this truck and tractor are fun to push and drive around. Take them in the car to keep your child entertained during long drives. 

Items Included

This durable set includes a John Deere dump truck and a John Deere tractor with a front loader.

What We Love

  • Licensed by John Deere
  • Looks like the real thing
  • Moving dump truck bed and front loader
  • Free moving wheels
  • Made with durable heavy-duty plastic
  • Great for smaller hands to hold and maneuver
  • Encourages imaginative play
  • Makes a great gift
  • Ideal for sand or dirt
  • Pack of 2 makes it easy to share


  • Cannot store in direct sunlight, fading may occur

Crayola 48 Count Sidewalk Chalk 

Crayola Sidewalk Chalk (48 Ct)

The Crayola 48 Count Sidewalk Chalk is a classic toy that never goes out of style.

These oversized chalk pieces are easy to hold and color with and they come in 48 different colors. The colors are created to be bright to help your art really pop against any surface. The thicker design also makes them harder to break than skinny chalk sticks while the square shape prevents them from rolling away. There isn’t anything you can’t create.

This Crayola chalk set is non-toxic, so it’s safe if your little one accidentally gets some in their mouth. Ideal for use on sidewalks and driveways, let your child’s imagination come alive.

Draw tic tac toe, make hopscotch, or just create silly pictures. You can also leave messages to your friends to see. A fun activity is to outline your child’s body so they have a life-size figure of themselves, then let your child draw hair, clothes, shoes, etc.

Add color to virtually anything. Color your front steps, decorate your brick house, you can even create a mural on your fence. When playtime is over, simply spray away with the hose. No evidence of chalk will be left behind. No need to panic if your child’s clothes become covered with chalk dust either, throwing them in the washer cleans it right off.

Another fun activity is coloring stones and rocks with different colors. It makes walkways and forests more colorful.

Each piece of chalk comes in at a whopping 6 inches, and the diameter is approximate that of a quarter, that’s a lot of chalk.

All 48 pieces fit in a cardboard carrying box with a handle for your convenience. Invite friends over and share the fun, there is plenty for everyone.

One parent shared a great tip for achieving even more vibrant colors. They suggested you spray the area down with water first then color on top of that. The chalk appears more opaque and bold.

Have summer birthday parties to attend? This makes a great gift for children of all ages. Even adults can get in on the fun. Sidewalk chalk is timeless.

Items Included

A box of 48 chalk pieces in a variety of colors (6 tropical colors included).

What We Love

  • Never goes out of style
  • Makes a great gift
  • With 48 different colors, there’s plenty to share
  • Color on almost any surface without staining
  • Washes off with water
  • Thick and hard to break
  • Square shape keeps them from rolling away
  • Non-toxic
  • Encourages imaginative creations
  • Each piece is 6 inches tall
  • Comes in a handy box for storing and carrying


  • None

Radio Flyer 4-in-1 Stroll ‘N Trike

Radio Flyer 4-in-1 Stroll 'N Trike, Red Tricycle for Toddlers Age 1-5, Toddler Bike

The Radio Flyer 4-in-1 Stroll ‘N Trike is the perfect introduction to bike riding.

With 4 trikes in one, this bike covers all the bases. From 12 months to 18 months you have a toddler trike, from 18 months to 24 months it becomes a steering trike. The learn-to-ride trike is great for ages 2-3 and finally, a classic bike is perfect for ages 4-5.

This accessory-rich tricycle has several that grow with your child and can be removed as needed. For example, the adjustable UV protection canopy and a removable wrap-around tray, as well as a headrest and seat belt. It also includes a footrest and a push handle so parents can give a nudge.

The height of the push handle is adjustable for parents’ comfort. Or it can be removed altogether when your child is able to ride by themselves. A smooth and quiet ride is guaranteed with its thick foam tires. Rides over most terrains although flat surfaces are best.

This trike weighs 42 pounds. It’s light enough to carry but I doubt you’ll need to, as your child will want to ride everywhere. It’s a perfect way to burn off some energy while also learning an important skill. The size is small enough to fit in the trunk of most cars, so you can take it to the park.

The recommended age for this 4-in-1 is from ages 12 months to 5 years, with a weight limit of 49 pounds.

One thing that parents noted was a clicking sound when the trike is being pushed but the child is not pedaling. This doesn’t detract from or cause any issues to the trike but it’s worth mentioning so you aren’t left wondering about the sound.

The construction of this trike ensures it lasts a long time. The main bike and bars are metal, everything else is heavy-duty plastic. All of it is solid and well-made.

The 3-wheel design makes this bike hard to tip over, even if your child is unsteady. It’s safe for even the youngest riders. There is a safety strap included as well if you are worried about your child falling.

Some reviewers complained about there not being a footrest for children who can’t yet reach the pedals, making their feet dangle above the pedals. However, there is an option to get floorboards with your trike, which prevents children’s feet from dangling on the ground when not pedaling.

Overall, parents loved having the cushioned push handle to steer the trike and help guide their child along.

The back of the bike has a covered compartment for storage. Also included is a drink holder for those hot days so your little one stays hydrated.

Items Included

A 4-in-1 tricycle with removable accessories (adjustable UV canopy, tray, headrest, seat belt, footrest, and push handle). 

What We Love

  • It has 4 trikes in 1
  • Parent push handle to help push things along and steer
  • Lot’s of attachable extras use as your child grows
  • Ideal for ages 18 months through 5 ( up to 49 pounds)
  • Thick foam tires for riding over most terrain
  • The 3 wheel design, great stability
  • Well-made and grows with your child
  • Small enough to be portable


  • Makes an annoying clicking sound when not being pedaled
  • No footrest, so the child’s feet dangle above the pedals

Intex Dinosaur Inflatable Play Center

Intex Dinosaur Inflatable Play Center, 98in X 75in X 43in, for Ages 2+

Wow, your kids will love the Intex Dinosaur Inflatable Play Center. Bring the waterpark to your own backyard!

This 57-gallon wading pool is large enough to fit several children, so invite the neighbors over. It’s 8.5 feet long and 6.5 feet wide, which is plenty of space for a few grown-ups as well.

Filling the bottom with water is just the beginning. There’s also a palm tree sprinkler that sprays water over the pool, as well as a waterfall you can sit under as water sprinkles down.

The crocodile sits on the edge of the pool with its mouth wide open because there is a hole inside for throwing balls into. There are 6 floating plastic balls included for tossing. If you’d rather not play, the dino is easily removable because it isn’t attached to the pool, simply lift it off the edge.

Another fun feature is the volcano slide. With steps going up the back, your child can slide down right into the water. A padded mat at the bottom of the slide provides extra comfort when landing. The slide has a weight limit of 50 pounds. Some reviewers noted if the slide isn’t inflated enough, it smashes down when kids sit on it. 

There are several ways to inflate this pool, you can use an air compressor, an electric pump, or a foot pump. However, using a foot pump will take the longest, most reviewers preferred the air compressor. A drain valve sits at the bottom of the pool near the slide. When you’re ready to empty the pool, just unplug the drain and the water flows out. 

Using water pressure from an attached hose, you’re able to control the sprinkler and the waterfall flow. For younger children who might not like bigger sprinklers, making the water flow less intense is easily done by turning the hose down. You can also detach the hose altogether if you’d rather not use the sprinkler.

Keep in mind that leaving this sitting on your grass for longer than about 3 days will result in your grass dying. Avoid this by moving it periodically. Drain the water before attempting to move it or you might tear a seam. There is a patch kit included just in case.

To store this pool, simply drain the water out, let it dry completely, and then deflate. At this point, you can fold it up and put it in a clean bin or box, ready for next time.

This pool would be perfect for a kid’s birthday party, neighborhood bbq, or even just a playdate. The child-friendly, colorful jungle theme makes this the highlight of the summer.

Items Included

This dinosaur play center includes 6 Fun Ballz™, drain plug, repair patch, and a built-in sprayer.

What We Love

  • Large 8×6 size holds several kids
  • Wading pool
  • Palm tree sprinkler
  • Waterfall
  • Detachable crocodile ball toss game
  • Volcano slide with a padded landing pad
  • Easy to inflate
  • Drain valve located at the bottom of the pool
  • Adjust sprinkler strength with the hose, or detach altogether
  • Simple to fold back up and store
  • A great addition to any backyard party


  • Must be moved to avoid killing the grass
  • Kids over 40 pounds smash the slide rather than sliding down

How We Selected Outdoor Toys For Toddlers 

It’s no secret that toddlers are busy from sun up to sundown. They love bright colors, imaginative play, and being outside. Add things like water play, sand, or anything they can throw and watch their eyes light up. The Center for Parenting Education suggests the best toys for toddlers encourage motor skills and hand/body movements.

Because toddlers are so easily fascinated by almost anything, it’s important to find age-appropriate toys that are safe for them to play with.  Here are some important factors when looking for outdoor summer toys.

Encourages movement and exercise

Help your toddler get the wiggles out with toys that get them moving. Throwing balls, jumping through sprinklers, pedaling a bike, etc. are all great ways to burn off some energy which also helps your child sleep better at night. The Bubble Mower is a great example of this, it definitely gets your toddler going while also encourages walking skills.

Satisfy curiosity

What does slime feel like? What would happen if you bulldozed this pile of pebbles? What if I throw all the beanbags at once? Pick toys that allow your child to answer all their burning questions and let them explore different ways of playing. Expanding their learning space to include the outdoors helps to encourage trying new things and fosters their curiosity and love of learning and play.

Pick things they enjoy

If your toddler isn’t a fan of coloring but loves throwing things, opt for toys with balls over chalk. As parents, we want to expose our children to everything but not at the expense of having fun. Playing should be an enjoyable time and not viewed as a chore. Toddler swings are a popular outdoor toy for many children too. 


While being portable isn’t a requirement, it’s nice to have toys you can take to the park or bring with you to a party. It’s also convenient to be able to pack them away at the end of the summer or bring them inside for winter. The Bean Bag Toss Game is perfect for this with 3 games that can be played both inside and outside.

FAQs – Outdoor Toys For Toddlers

How do I entertain my toddler outside?

If you’re able, invite a friend over for a playdate and let the little ones practice social skills and sharing. Allow open-ended playtime which allows freedom to use their imagination. For example, a water table with water toys lets children come up with their own creative ideas and scenarios. Another example would be giving your child chalk and letting them draw whatever they want. Let their imagination come alive, this will keep them entertained for hours.

You can also play with them. A T-ball set is a great way to bond and play with your little one while killing some time on a sunny day. Teaching your toddler new skills is a great way to keep them entertained.

Even something as simple as taking a walk will delight your toddler. Point out interesting rocks or flowers along the way. If their little legs can’t walk very far, they can pedal or be pushed on a toddler tricycle.

How long should a toddler stay outside?

It’s recommended that children spend 3 hours a day outside but that’s not always possible. Getting out as much as you can is beneficial for you and your child. If 30 minutes a day is all you can do, then do it! Any amount of time spent outdoors instead of online is a win. 

There are several benefits to spending time in the fresh air daily. Exposure to Vitamin D is an important part of bone development and the immune system. Playing outdoors also provides regular exercise that helps to promote healthy habits later in life.

Foster your child’s love and appreciation of the outside by exposing them to the wonders of digging in the dirt, playing in a creek, or watching bugs. Spending at least 30 minutes a day in a park setting helps children with ADHD focus better at home.

How can I keep my toddler comfortable in the heat?

There are several ways to keep your toddler safe and cool in the heat of the summer. Keep your toddler out of the direct sun by staying in the shade as much as possible. This also helps to avoid getting sunburned.

Hydrate hydrate hydrate. Always keep cool drinks on hand for yourself and your child to sip throughout the day and avoid dehydration. Popsicles are a great option too.

Keep your child’s clothes cool and comfortable. Pick natural fabrics over synthetic fabrics as they help wick sweat and allow the breeze to flow through, cooling the skin. Sunglasses are helpful too.

Shoes are important as well. Look for something with a good protective sole but also keeps their feet from getting sweaty and stinky. Here’s a list of the best summer sandals for this year.

Letting your child play in the water is a great way to keep them cool. Whether with a giant dino pool, a watermelon splash pad, or a simple garden hose, kids love splashing around in the water. If you have access to a swimming pool, here are the best floats for your little ones.

Don’t forget the sunscreen! The CDC recommends a strength of at least SPF 15 or higher of both UVA and UVB rays. Be sure to reapply every 30 minutes for the best results.

Wrap Up

Summer provides the perfect opportunity for outdoor play. Pack a cooler with snacks and drinks and head to the park for the afternoon. Meeting up with friends and bringing some interactive games or toys guarantees your child will have hours of fun in the sun. Follow the tips to keep your child happy and hydrated this summer as they play with some new outdoor toys.


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