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Are you considering breastfeeding your baby? Maybe you’ve already made the decision or are currently breastfeeding. Either way, you go momma! Breastfeeding offers a plethora of benefits to your little one free of charge.

Benefits of Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is mom’s natural way of feeding and nourishing her little one as baby grows. A mother’s postpartum body knows that it needs to feed baby so it produces milk that is rich and full of nutrients. Breastmilk is so top-notch that baby doesn’t need to supplement with any other milk!

Even though breastfeeding isn’t always easy, there are wonderful products, tips, and advice to help any momma give her best shot at breastfeeding.

How Long Does the Average Mom Breastfeed?

While the American Academics of Pediatrics recommends breastfeeding for at least the first 6 months, most mothers stop breastfeeding before the 6-month mark. There can be many reasons why mom decides to wean her baby from nursing. Some reasons are:

  • Declining milk supply
  • Baby isn’t gaining enough weight
  • Inconvenience
  • Heading back to work
  • Issues with latching

Can I Breastfeed and Use Formula?

Definitely! Sometimes it’s much easier to breastfeed and supplement with formula. For example, if you want to provide nutritional breastmilk to your baby but you’re not producing enough milk for full feedings throughout the day, supplementing with formula fills in those gaps.

Some moms may prefer that dad feed baby with formula throughout the night (rather than breastfeeding at night) so that they can have a break and get more sleep. 

Breastfeeding Products

The right breastfeeding products allow mom to nurse baby easily and efficiently with little-to-no inconveniences. From the best pacifiers for breastfed babies to nursing pads and everything in between, the breastfeeding products are worth the purchase.

Nipple creams and nipple shields will help reduce and even eliminate any pain that comes with breastfeeding. Nursing pads and nursing pillows (even the best twin nursing pillows) allow mom to be more comfortable. Breast pump bags give mom a sense of privacy when she needs to go to work or travel with her breast pumps and supplies.

Take time to consider the best breastfeeding products and what will work best for you. You may even need to switch up products for each child because not every child responds to the same product in a positive way.

Nursing Clothes

Nursing clothes offer ease of access and privacy when it’s feeding time. Thankfully, in today’s age, we have a ton of options when it comes to fashionable and practical nursing clothes.

For example, nursing tanks and nursing covers allow mom to easily breastfeed throughout the day, even when out of the home and around other people, with ease and privacy. Nursing nightgowns offer the same benefits for nighttime feeds.

When it comes to breastfeeding-friendly bras, the best nursing bras, including the best nursing bras for large breasts and the best nursing bras for after breastfeeding, help mom feel comfortable and supported throughout her breastfeeding journey.

Pumping & Storing

If you’re planning to pump on the side or full-time, finding the best breast pump will help you pump efficiently and comfortably. Electric breast pumps are the most popular, allowing mom to pump with the least amount of effort, compared to manual breast pumps. If you’re going to be pumping on the go or at work, finding a smaller breast pump that will travel easily is the best choice.

After each pump session, storing the breastmilk correctly is important so that no milk goes to waste. Breastmilk can be stored in BPA-free bottles or breast milk storage bags. Fresh breastmilk is safe to consume within 4 hours (at room temperature), within 4 days (if refrigerated), or within 6 months (if frozen). If breastmilk is pulled from the freezer and thawed, it is good to consume within 1-2 hours (at room temperature) or within 24 hours (if refrigerated).

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