Preparing for Baby

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Once you find out you’re pregnant, you may be thinking, now what? Is it too early to buy baby stuff? What are baby gear essentials? If you’re feeling overwhelmed, we’ve made things easier by putting together the ultimate baby essentials checklist. If you’re thinking about financials and how to save for a baby in 9 months, there are many ways to budget ahead of time and stay within your budget to relieve financial stress.

As you prepare for baby througout the months, don’t forget to jot down your days and feelings in a pregnancy journal. It’s fun to look back on these memories and if you happen to have more children, it’s a great way to remind yourself of how you felt and things that happened the first-time you were pregnant. 

Want to try something fun? Use the baby genetics calculator to see what your baby may look like!

Baby Names

Some find it easy, some find it hard. Regardless, choosing a baby name is a big decision! It’s a name your child will live with for a lifetime and some folks claim particular names can influence future earnings.

If you haven’t found the “perfect” baby name just yet, looking through the baby name books is a great place to start. You can also search for “best girl names”, “best boy names”, or “best gender-neutral names”.

Our tip: Decide on a middle name first. Knowing the middle name will help you decide on a first name as you listen to how the two names sound together. Middle names are typically easier to decide on because many parents like to carry on a family name and use it as their child’s middle name.

Baby Showers

Baby showers are the perfect opportunity to bring family and friends together to celebrate your new little one(s). Even mommas who are pregnant with their 2nd baby sometimes have a baby shower or baby sprinkle.

When it comes to preparing for a baby shower, the first thing to do is to create a baby registry. Guests will enjoy looking through your baby wants and needs and deciding what they’d like to gift to you. If you’re overwhelmed with baby products, start with the most necessary items first and consider the items that don’t need to be added to the list.

Next, you may need help deciding on where to host a baby shower. If you want to save money and not rent a venue, an outdoor baby shower at a park or an indoor shower at someone’s home works just as well.

Finally, after the shower is over, don’t forget to write those thank you cards!

Preparing for Labor

Preparing for baby naturally includes preparing for labor and delivery as well. As you get ready for labor gather items you need in your hospital bag in advance so that you have everything you want in the delivery and recovery rooms. You will also want to put together a list of your labor and delivery preferences for the nurse, doula, midwife, or doctor. Just remember, these are preferences and they may not actually happen depending on how labor progresses.

Some women, if able, like to take a babymoon before baby is due to enjoy some final days relaxing and getting all the sleep they can get. Whether traveling to a destination or having a “staycation” where you can relax at home, babymoons offer some great R&R time.

Postpartum Care

After baby has been welcomed into the world, you’ll be spending lots of time taking care of them and may forget that you need taken care of too. Postpartum pads will help with bleeding as you heal and a postpartum girdle can help your body recover (but no need to rush it).

Chances are you won’t be slipping back into your pre-pregnancy clothes for a while, so finding the best postpartum leggings and best postpartum jeans is worth it. When you’re sleep-deprived and sore, the last thing you want is to be uncomfortable with what you’re wearing.

Finally, be aware of how you’re feeling not only physically, but emotionally too. Don’t be ashamed to talk about your emotions or mental well-being with family, friends, and health professionals if you’re feeling down and not like your usual self. Your hormones are all over the place during this time, so changes in emotion are common.

Preparing for Parenthood

Parenthood is nearing and we have the best advice for new moms and super useful baby products that can make mom life a little easier. Remember, no one parents absolutely perfectly and we all learn as we go. Like they say, “it takes a village,” so don’t forget to lean on your family and friends for advice, support, and a helping hand.

A huge (and super fun) part of parenthood is enjoying all the new memories. We suggest recording precious memories in a baby memory book where you can write notes, add photos, and secure little knickknacks like hospital bracelets. A baby hand and footprint kit is also a fun way to cherish the memory of your little one’s hand and foot size. Finally, family photos are wonderful to have taken as your family grows and we have tips for amazing family photos if that’s the route you take.

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