Gifts for Girls

Our gift lists for girls are continuously updated with fun, unique and popular ideas, organized by age:

Every year there are new educational toys, games and puzzles for infant and toddler girls. There are doctor and pet care toy kits for aspiring physicians and ice cream and food trucks for little entrepreneurs.

Roleplay, dress up and mothering continue to be favorites with play tents, play kitchens, costumes, dresses and baby dolls remaining best sellers.

Gradeschool and teen girls have always loved to make their rooms their own. This year string-lights for hanging photos are very popular. Study desks, hanging pod-chairs and special pillows can be both practical and decorative.

STEM toys like science kits, robots, outdoor exploration sets, weather stations and even crystal growing are important in a world where education isn’t limited to school and classrooms.

Girls love journaling and books! We have a good selection of each under most every age category.

Every girl’s wish list includes some tech. Leading the way are Air pods but chrome books, laptops, shower speakers, star projectors, Nintendo, headphones, Google Home and Amazon Dot devices are others currently selling in droves.

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