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The Best Water Tables For Your Toddler

As a mom in the blazing hot Kentucky heat and humidity, I have owned several water play tables and researched even more. Here is a list of the best water tables to keep your little ones cool and content this summer. 

Best Water Table for 1-Year-Old:
Best Water Table with Umbrella:
Best Water Table for Older Toddlers:
Best Adventure Table:

Best Water Tables for 1-Year-Olds

Both the Step2 Pond Table and the Little Tikes Seas Table are best-sellers compared to the other tables below. The Step2 Pond Table also includes the most accessories (13) but is the priciest option on this list.

Step2 Pond Water Table

Step2 Rain Showers Splash Pond Toddler Water Table, Outdoor Kids Water Sensory Table, Ages 1.5+ Years Old, 13 Piece Water Toy Accessories, Blue & Green

It is easy to create rain with the Step2 Pond Water Table. It is like a mini-water park except for the kids power the water filling. 

Kids fill the big bucket from the pool below and fill the tray to cause lots of action below. Water travels through chutes to activate spinners. A rain shower falls in drips as long as the tray has water in it.

There are plenty of extras to float and play with. The theme of this best water table contender is a pond. So as you would expect, it comes with a frog, a fish, and a duck. It also has three buckets, a couple of scoopers, and some water wheels that spin when water is poured on them.

It accommodates three or four toddlers.

For the parents, this table has easy maintenance. The drain is right on top for quick access and doesn’t have problems with leaking.

Things to Keep in Mind

This water table takes some effort to put together. With a booklet of over 25 instructions and 20 screws, there are no pre-drilled holes. You must screw each one in by hand until you puncture the plastic.

Little Tikes Seas Table

Little Tikes Spiralin' Seas Waterpark Play Table, Multicolor

The Little Tikes Seas Table is, by the far, the most bang for your buck. It will last you for some time. It’s suitable for toddlers, ages 2 through 6 years old. Although, toddlers a little older, or younger, can still use it. Packed with different activities, it holds about 7 gallons of water that can be splashed all over the place. This water table comes with 1 cup and 5 adorable ball-shaped characters that squirt water onto your giggling toddlers (or at least make them run until they tire out!).

The Little Tikes Seas Table is pretty decent sized, approximately 29.5 inches tall and 31.5 inches in diameter. It won’t take up too much space on your deck, balcony, backyard, or even your porch. And yes, I do mean to imply that this can fit into any sized space that you have.  It accommodates up to 2 toddlers playing at a time, so whether it’s for individual play or shared play, kids are guaranteed to have a fun time.

This water play table comes with a spiral tower (as the name implies) where toddlers can pop in the cute squishy balls and watch them spiral down to the lazy river. The lazy river can be powered by spinning the green wheel. It’s absolutely fascinating to watch your little one-piece together how that one little piece helps get the water moving. By far, my favorite part of this table is being able to scoop up the balls and drop them off, Ferris wheel style, on the spinning water wheel.

From a learning point of view, the scooping, the throwing of the balls down the spiral tower, and getting the water flowing, all help in strengthening fine motor skills. Plus, it’s a total ‘aww’ moment when you watch them realize the cause and effect created by pouring water. You will be amazed at how quickly the little ones catch on to what types of movements they are able to create.

Things to Keep in Mind

This water play table does require assembly and a lot of precision since any incorrect insertion may lead to the spiral tower breaking down, and even some leakages. It’s also known to leak if the plug isn’t inserted properly. In any case, be sure to keep an eye out and be gentle!

Because of all the splashing, and since little ones are likely to pour water down the ball chute, it isn’t recommended for indoor use. It doesn’t work too well in keeping the water within the chute. Sometimes, the squishy balls get stuck in the spiral, so be prepared to push it out in case it does get stuck. One other thing to keep in mind is that, in order to fully use the spinning wheel, the water table has to be at full water capacity. Otherwise, you won’t be able to get the full effect of the lazy river.

Little Tikes Fish ‘n Splash Table

Little Tikes Fish 'n Splash Water Table - Full Set w/Toys & Fishing Set

Little Tikes makes yet another best water table – the Little Tikes Fish ‘n Splash Table. This table features just water, but the leveled play area makes it fun for toddlers ages 2 to 5 years old.  The round table features an island with a waterfall fishbowl feature. The whole table holds 7 gallons of water for lots of room to fish and splash.

The clear water scoop/bowl at the top of the table can overflow and tip make water flow down the wavy water ramp and onto the rotating lily pad. They can dump and chase the 5 floating sea creatures all around the water. The table comes with a water cup, a fishing net, and a fishing pole to help capture the critters. The fishing pole has a string and a reel that clicks, but it doesn’t actually work like that. You just dip the hook down into the water to snag a fish. 

There are a couple of built-in accessories on the side of the table, including a launcher and a dry spot for the animals to relax. The launcher is a lot of fun, but it works maybe a little too well. Your kids will be launching stuff at each other and across the yard with just one flick, so be careful!

This water table sits about 17 inches off the ground, so it’s sized more for toddlers than preschoolers. It drains easily from the bottom plug for quick clean-up — just be sure to catch the water and re-use it on your plants or grass!

Things to Keep in Mind

Make sure the plug really works — a previous buyer experienced a bunch of leaking right away.

Paw Patrol Water Table

Paw Patrol Water Table with Accessory Set & 3 Characters

Does your little one love Paw Patrol? Then they’re going to love being a part of Adventure Bay with the Paw Patrol Water Table. Included with this water table are the characters Marshall, Skye, Chase, and Zuma that are also water-squirters!

Children can pour water down the Lookout Tower and watch the pups slide off into the water. A side flipper sends the toys flying into the water table and the center spinner lets kids create their own whirlpool effect. A cup and water strainer are also included for more water table play.

Things to Keep in Mind

This is an inexpensive water table compared to some others and that shows some issues past buyers have dealt with. The lookout tower can easily fall off and you don’t want to keep the water table out in the sun too long or the colors will start to fade. Overall, many parents love the great price and the ease of play for their little ones. 

Best Water Tables with Umbrella

Both the Step2 Seaway Table and Best Choice 3-in-1 Table are highly-rated but have their differences. The Seaway Table allows kids to easily stand around it whereas the 3-in-1 Table is set up as a picnic table which isn’t as convenient for younger kids. On the other hand, the 3-in-1 Table offers separate areas for water and sand play, whereas the Seaway Table is designed just for water play.

Step2 Seaway Table

Step 2 Spill & Splash Seaway Water Table for Kids, Two-Tier Outdoor Kids Water Sensory Table with Umbrella, Ages 1.5+ Years Old, 11 Piece Water Toy Accessories

Okay, so I have to admit, I am drooling over the Step2 Seaway Table. It’s on the pricier end of the spectrum which could be because it has not one, but two separate tubs for double the water fun! The shorter tub is great for younger toddlers over 12 months old, while the bigger tub can be used with kids up to 7 years old. On the whole, it can hold up to 5.5 gallons of water. The upper tub is able to hold about 2.22 gallons of water, while the lower tub is able to contain 3.24 gallons. Size-wise, it’s about 25 inches tall and 43.5 inches wide, so it does take up a considerable amount of space.

Since it is pretty big, you can have up to 5 kids playing at the same time. That means fewer arguments among siblings (finger crossed) since each would have their own space. This best water table option should last you a long time. I don’t know about you, but anything that lasts a long time is pure gold for me. I will be aiming to get my money’s worth out of this water table.

The two tubs are connected with inlets and troughs that let you splash and pour water down into the lower tub. It also comes with sea creatures, slides, and other fun accessories that can help you create a splash party! I love how the Spill & Splash Seaway Water Table includes an umbrella, albeit not a huge one. Even on those super hot, sunny days, you won’t have to worry about kids getting scorched.

Things to Keep in Mind

There is no drainage hole which means no leaks! This is a wonderful feature, and worth the extra effort of tipping the table over for water drainage. Not having the drainage hole helps make this water play table pretty versatile, too.  You can fill up the tub with other sensory elements, including dried rice, beans, or even pasta! To some, this can be positive or negative. Personally, I feel the lack of a drainage hole is great because that means fewer leaks. However, it may be difficult to drain the water for some or to clean the table out entirely.

There are no pre-drilled holes, just indents on where to put the screws in. This makes it pretty tough to assemble and will require some time and muscle to get it set up.

Best Choice 3-in-1 Table

Best Choice Products Kids 3-in-1 Sand & Water Activity Table, Wood Outdoor Convertible Picnic Table w/Umbrella, 2 Play Boxes, Removable Top - Green

This 3-in-1 Table from Best Choice Products is the perfect water table for your backyard as it combines a picnic table with a water table with a sand table into one! At first look, you see an average picnic table with an umbrella, but it’s actually a picnic table with a removable piece that uncovers a water bin and a sand bin for play.

The table comes with a sand bin and a water bin that you can fill up. You will need to purchase your own sand and toys as those are not included. Overall, this all-wooden picnic table measures 38″L x 37.75″W x 19.5″H and it can hold up to 220 pounds. 

Things to Keep in Mind

Most parents love this water table for their little ones but say the bench seats aren’t very wide and that the wood is not finished. 

Best Water Tables for Older Toddlers

The Little Tikes Pirate Table is the highest-selling table on this list and features the most accessories. The Little Tikes Wavemaker Table has the most unique feature (wavemaker). The Step2 Waterfall Wall has the most versatile feature, allowing kids to move pieces around the wall. 

Little Tikes Pirate Table

Little Tikes Anchors Away Pirate Ship – Amazon Exclusive

What could be more fun than the Little Tikes Pirate Table. Even the words Aaarg and Ahoy are fun to say. 

This is an opportunity for kids to shoot water from a cannon, lower and lift an anchor and drive around their own little pirate boats. They can even create waves and currents with the built-in spinner. Kids can keep the water flowing with a hand-powered pump or by filling the crow’s nest. A fountain sprays from the center mast. The moving water keeps the many spinners spinning. 

The table is big enough for 4 or 5 toddlers to play around without stepping on each other. It comes with two miniature pirates, a strainer, a shark that squirts, a life preserver, a little boat, a scooper, and a bucket so that there are always plenty of things to play with and lose in the grass.

One thing the ship does not come with is a cover, so you might want to look into a plastic cover to keep the wind away, or just put the loose pieces in a ziplock bag.

Things to Keep in Mind

The drain plug needs to be in just right so that it doesn’t leak. You may need to turn the table on its side and give it a hard push to stay sealed. You pull it down to drain the table. 

Step2 Waterfall Wall

The Step2 Waterfall Wall changes up the classic “table” look with a zig-zag waterfall. Because it is a two-sided wall, multiple children can play together without fussing over who gets to do what. Thirteen pieces are included with this wall, allowing your child to create their own maze on the wall over and over. 

The wall measures 33.27″L x 16.26″W x 27.99″H. Children will have lots of fun rearranging the maze pieces and seeing how the water falls down them when they pour water from the top of the wall. 

Things to Keep in Mind

Because this is designed as a wall and not a table, children will be able to knock it over. If you don’t need access to both sides, you can set this up against a wall to prevent it from toppling over.

Little Tikes Wavemaker Table

Little Tikes Island Wavemaker Water Table with Five Unique Play Stations and Accessories, for 2 + years Multicolor

The Little Tikes Wavemaker Table is a beach-themed water table with five different play areas. Turning the boat wheel creates waves on the water table, giving it a real ocean feel! Water can be poured from the top and children can watch it cascade down onto the table.

Other interactive features include palm trees that spin and secret places to hide treasure! A shark, mermaid, narwhal, treasure chest, a pirate on a boat, and a water bucket are included so your kiddo will have lots of toys to play with. The theme of this water table makes it more unique than the majority of water tables and helps stir the imagination.

Things to Keep in Mind

Something to keep in mind is that the “wavemaker” may not make waves well but rather just splash the water around.

Step2 STEM Ball Table

Step2 STEM Discovery -Ball Table | Wet or Dry Water Table & Activity Table | Toddler -Ball Play Table with Play -Balls Included

If you’d like to buy a water table that is also educational, consider buying the Step2 STEM Ball Table. With this STEM water table, your child will get to use a crank to pull balls up to the top of the slide with a pulley system and then watch them roll down into the water. A “ball flipper” is also included to attach to the side of the table and flip balls into the water.

The table is large enough for multiple kids to play with at one time and the set includes 10 plastic balls which are plenty enough.

Things to Keep in Mind

You may not want to purchase this for younger kids as previous buyers have complained about the crank falling off easily or being hard to turn.

Step2 Seas Water Table

The Step2 Seas Water Table combines the best of both worlds — water and adventure. Can’t go to the beach? The beach will come to your little one with this little water table. 

A cool feature of this water table is that it can be used as just a water table OR just a sand table. It does not come with a lid so you will want to keep it out of the sun and covered if possible. A tree with water chutes and comes with some slides and other adventures. 

Things to Keep in Mind

Some buyers complained that the water tower and chutes are difficult to assemble and once assembled, they break apart easily.

Best Sand and Water Tables

Step2 Sand & Water Center

Step2 Naturally Playful Sand & Water Activity Center | Kids Sand & Water Table with Umbrella

The Step2 Sand & Water Center is a long and sturdy table designed for multiple kids to play with at one time. In fact, this table is so large, that it can hold up to 1.5 gallons of water on one side and up to 20 pounds of sand on the other side.

Seven accessory pieces are included for play including bridges, buckets, shovels, and more. A 60-inch umbrella is also included and can be placed through the center hole of the water table when the lid is off. Speaking of the lid, this sturdy cover is perfect for keeping leaves and unnecessary things out of the water and sand when play is over. To keep the lid securely attached to the table, there are elastic straps on each end of the lid that attaches to the table. 

With an almost 5-star rating, this is certainly a great water and sand table choice for parents with older kids or multiples.

Things to Keep in Mind

Assembly might be difficult. Also, some buyers experienced leaking around the legs of the table.

Comparing Water Tables for Toddlers

The table below compares only the recommended products on this page. A low or high Price means it is low or high compared to the other products listed. The Popularity Score reflects how often readers click on and buy the product. The Quality Score is our assessment of the overall performance and satisfaction with the product compared to others in the table.

Step2 Sand & Water Center7.7 9.4 189.95
Best Choice 3-in-1 Table9.8 9.4 99.99
Step2 Seas Water Table8.5 9.2 89.99
Step2 Seaway Table9.5 9.6 84.99

Guide to Selecting the Best Water Table

Water play is a great idea to help kids be introduced to new concepts, and strengthen their learning skills. They will see what floats versus sinks, and even how water helps ‘move’ certain objects. It’s a great time to use their abilities to learn all these fun discoveries with the help of water. Additionally, all these activities will tire the little ones out. Woohoo!

Now, before you dive into making the final decision, I do recommend keeping the following tips in mind:

  • Long-lasting. Get a water table that your growing toddler can enjoy for many years.
  • Versatility is important. When not in use with water, consider a table that can be filled up with other sensory objects – sand, rice, beans, pasta, etc.
  • To drain (plug) or not to drain. Decide if you want to go the drain/plug route, or not. Almost all water tables leak at some point. Unless you add an extra sealant, be prepared for this, eventually.
  • Playing with many kids. Most water tables will allow for 1-2 kids. Be aware of the size of the water table if you specifically want something that can be played with by more kids.

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