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Congratulations, you are expecting! Being pregnant comes with immense joy and lots of bodily changes as baby grows, grows, and grows. As you journey through pregnancy and prepare to hold your little bundle of joy(s), knowing what the best pregnany products are will help you choose comfortable maternity clothes, diaper bags, purses, breast pumps, and more. In today’s age, there are so many cute maternity clothes available that you can start shopping for – unless you want to hide your baby bump for just a little bit longer. Your call!

Maternity Beauty & Skincare

As a momma, you can still pamper yourself and look glam while pregnant but it’s important to make sure the beauty & skincare products being used are safe for you and your growing baby. Clean beauty products like the best pregnancy-safe lipstick, best pregnancy-safe nail polish and best pregnancy-safe nail polish remover will let you still enjoy beautifying yourself without using harmful ingredients.

Using the best pregnancy-safe shampoo is also a good idea and for moms who would like to color their hair but aren’t sure if that’s safe to do, choosing a pregnancy-safe hair dye will ease their conscience.

As for skincare, you’ll want to make sure you’re still moisturizing your skin well and your growing belly. The best lotion for stretch marks will prepare your skin for stretching and help ease stretch marks along the way. In addition to lotion for stretch marks, the best pregnancy-safe body lotion and moisturizer will help relieve itching and dryness that sometimes comes with pregnancy.

For moms who aren’t sitting out in the sun as much but like to maintain some sort of tan, using the best pregnancy-safe self-tanner is a great choice as to not harm your growing baby.

Maternity Clothes & Fashion

Maternity clothes and fashion have come a long way since your mother was pregnant. Luckily, in today’s world, pregnant women have an abundance of maternity clothes to choose from that are comfortable AND stylish.

When you first become pregnant, you probably won’t need to jump right into maternity jeans and tops but you may still feel uncomfortable from bloating. To wear your current non-maternity jeans most comfortably, consider purchasing a belly band. A belly band will allow you to wear your jeans unbuttoned without them sliding down. Some moms may use a rubber band to keep unbuttoned pants together.

Once you pass the in-between stage, it’s time for some seriously comfortable maternity pants. Stocking your wardrobe with maternity jeans, maternity leggings, and maternity yoga pants is totally worth it. You may even consider switching to pregnancy underwear if your underwear becomes too tight around the waist.

As you near the third trimester, you may want to switch to wearing the best pregnancy bras and shoes for pregnancy. Wearing compression socks for pregnancy may be needed to help alleviate swelling.

Have a sense of humor? Now’s the time to wear funny maternity shirts and give everyone a chuckle.

Pregnancy Nutrition & Food

Even before pregnancy, some women begin taking prenatal vitamins for all those extra nutrients. If you haven’t seen a prenatal vitamin, they aren’t small, so if you’re not sure you can swallow one of those “horse pills” you can choose the best prenatal gummy vitamins instead.

You’ve probably heard of some “do’s & dont’s” when it comes to food, drinks, and overall nutrition while pregnant. Some common food and drinks that pregnant women are told to avoid are:

  • Deli meat (to avoid the risk of listeria)
  • High-mercury fish (like swordfish)
  • Raw eggs and foods that contain raw eggs (to avoid the risk of salmonella)
  • Soft cheese and unpasteurized dairy (to avoid the risk of listeria)
  • Caffeine (moderate levels of caffeine are fine)
  • Alcohol (wine, beer and liquor)

Of course, we recommend talking with your doctor for the best advice and guidelines overall.

Pregnancy Sleep

Creating a little person inside of you is a lot of work! Find a good maternity pillow or memory foam pregnancy pillow to help ease your muscles and allow you to get in a comfortable position for a good night’s sleep.

Some women have more trouble getting comfortable during the day than at night. If that’s the case for you, consider purchasing the best donut pillow for pregnancy, especially if you sit for long periods of time.

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