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The Best Baby Floats for the Pool

Nothing says summer like splashing around the pool. The best baby floats offer your little one a fun time in the pool, all while keeping them safe. Extra features like canopies with sun protection, toys, and top-quality safety features helped the best baby floats make our list. 

Best Baby Float:
Best Mommy & Me Baby Float:
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Best Baby Floats

Most of these baby floats can only hold babies up to 2 years. On the other hand, the LAYCOL (3 years), Ayeboovi (3 years), iefoah (3 years), and Free Swimming flat (6 years) are able to hold older toddlers and kids.

SwimWays Baby Spring Float 

SwimWays Baby Spring Float Sun Canopy - Pink Fish

The SwimWays Baby Spring Float is a great way to introduce children to water, all while keeping them safe. The baby float has several attributes that make it one of the best baby floats on the market. 

swimways baby spring float with sun shade

Dual Inflation Chambers

To prevent your child from flipping over, the baby float is equipped with dual inflation chambers. The wide base on the float also ensures your child cannot slip out. 

The float comes with an innerspring to provide more stability in the water. In addition, the mesh seat offers comfort, all while allowing your child to kick their legs in the water. 

Protection from the Sun

The removable, mesh canopy provides UPF 50+ sun protection for your baby’s sensitive skin. The canopy easily comes off by unsnapping the snaps around the sides of the float, which is ideal when you are at an indoor pool. 

Inflation by Mouth

A downside, to me at least, is you need to inflate the float by mouth. However, it won’t take too much time to fill up since the part that fills up isn’t very big. It does come with secure valves, making sure no air seeps out while your baby is in it. 

One Size Fits Most

While the baby float doesn’t come in different sizes, it is geared for children ages 9-24 months. The float measures 34″L x 30″W x 20.5″H. The maximum weight limit is 35 lbs. 

Variety of Designs

The SwimWays Baby Float offers several design options for you to choose from. 

  • Seahorse
  • Blue Sea Monster
  • Pink Mermaid Unicorn
  • Blue Lobster
  • Fish

The baby float comes with a carrying case, making it easy for storage and transport. While the float does twist and fold up to put away, the process can be a little tricky so prepare yourself with a little patience. If you’ve ever had to fold up a beach tent, it’s very similar to that process. 

LAYCOL Baby Swimming Float 

LAYCOL Baby Swimming Float Inflatable Baby Pool Float Ring Newest with Sun Protection Canopy,add Tail no flip Over for Age of 3-36 Months

The LAYCOL Baby Swimming Float allows for two methods of swimming, either the breaststroke position or the backstroke. 

While the design is simple, you can choose from either a blue or orange float. In addition, the baby float does come with two bonus water toys. Here’s a rundown of why the LAYCOL baby swimming float comes in at the top of the list. 

40° Raised Front

To prevent your child from flipping over, the baby float has a 40 degree raised front and widened sides. The five-point harness prevents your little one from sliding out. The harness comes together with just one click, making getting your little one in and out a breeze. 

In addition, the baby float is made with a durable leak-free and non-toxic PVC material. 

Protection from the Sun

The baby float is equipped with a removable, breathable sun canopy that provides a UPF of 50+. The mesh sides allow you to easily look in and see your little one. Even though you should always be right by their side, it’s nice to be able to see inside the canopy from every angle. 

The canopy is made with galvanized iron and it is recommended to keep it dry after use to help extend its service life. 

Easy to Inflate

The baby float comes with a manual pump, which is most appreciated. I never enjoyed blowing those things up. It’s recommended to only fill it about 80-90% to prevent over-inflating. 

Sizes for a Wide Range of Ages

  • Small for babies 3-12 months/11-18 lbs
  • Large for babies 12-24 months/18-36 lbs
  • Extra Large for toddlers 24-36 months/36-48 lbs

Free Swimming Baby Float 

Free Swimming Baby Infant Pool Float with Sun Canopy Inflatable Baby Swimming Floatie with Sponge Safety Bottom Support Water Toys Swim Trainer for Age of 3-72 Months (Blue, Large)

The Free Swimming Baby Float allows your child to lay in a horizontal position, encouraging them to learn how to kick, all while keeping their head above the water. In addition, it offers several safety features to ensure your baby is secure while going for a ride. 

Raised Front for Safety

When it comes to the best baby floats, safety is definitely a top concern. We want our babies to feel secure in the water, even with us right by their side. 

The raised front portion of the baby float was created to prevent your baby from flipping over. The float offers soft support on the bottom and the crotch buckle ensures they cannot slip out. In addition, the float is equipped with a non-inflatable sponge chest support to protect your baby’s belly. 

As an important note, children should never be left alone while in a baby float and it’s always a good idea to be an arm’s reach away. While the baby float is not meant to flip over, it still can happen. This is especially so if your child tries to reach out in front of themselves. While this is probably more likely with bigger kids, it’s very important to keep a watch on your child while they are in the baby float, regardless of age. 

Protection from the Sun 

The baby float is equipped with a retractable canopy, providing 50+ SPF protection from the sun. To extend the life of your canopy, make a point to keep it dry after use. It is removable so you can easily take it off after your swim and hang it up to dry. 

Remember children under 6 months of age shouldn’t wear sunscreen, so if you do choose to take your infant into the pool, utilize the canopy to avoid your baby getting a sunburn. 

When your child is old enough to wear sunscreen, we have a list of the best baby sunscreen to keep your little one protected from the sun. 

Easy to Inflate

I remember spending a good thirty minutes trying to inflate a baby float for my son when he was younger. When I finally finished, naturally, he then refused to go into the pool. So, I greatly appreciate the inflator that comes with the Free Swimming baby float. It makes inflating the float a breeze. 

There are separate sections to inflate, as opposed to just inflating it in one take, which can be a little tedious if you have a child anxiously waiting to go swimming. 

Finally, do not over-inflate the float, and aim for filling it only 80-90%. 

Fits a Wide Range of Ages

  • Small for babies 3-7 months/11-16 lbs
  • Large for babies 5-18 months/13-38 lbs
  • Extra-large for children 1.5-6 years old/28-48 lbs

Baby Flamingo Float

Baby Pool Float with Canopy,Flamingo Inflatable Swimming Ring,Infant Pool Floaties Sunshade Toys for Baby Girls Boys Toddlers Pink

I might be partial to this baby float because I have a love for Flamingos. However, I wouldn’t put the Baby Flamingo Float on my list if I didn’t think it was one of the best baby floats out there. 

Stable and Secure Float

When we put our babies in a pool float, we want zero chances of them flipping over. Even though we are right there with them, the wind can blow a certain way and something happens. The Baby Flamingo Float has dual air chambers and separate valve chambers to prevent any chance of leakage. 

In addition, the cross-shaped seat provides comfort and durability. The leaf-proof valves ensure you won’t be re-filling the float on a daily basis. Finally, the baby float offers double security with both an inner and outer inflatable ring.

Adjustable and Removable Canopy

Depending on where the sun hits when you are in the pool, you can choose for the canopy to provide half or full cover. I do appreciate the range of sun cover the canopy provides. Sometimes canopies seem to still allow the sun in but the flamingo baby float provides a good amount of coverage. The canopy does need to be inflated for use. 

Fits a Wide Range of Ages

You will get a lot of use out of the Flamingo Baby Float. The age range goes from 6 months-48 months with a maximum weight capacity of 60 lbs. 

In addition, the float measures 18″ in height without the canopy, 33.7″ in height with the canopy, and 35.4″ in length. As your child gets older, I do recommend keeping an eye out for the potential of them flipping over. 

Holds Air Well

While the Flamingo baby float does not come with a pump, it is fairly easy to inflate and holds air well. Keep in mind, you will need to inflate the canopy as well. As with all inflatable canopies, if you do not fill it up properly, it risks toppling over on your little one. 

SwimSchool Baby Float 

SwimSchool Deluxe Baby Float with Adjustable Canopy - 6-24 Months - Baby Swim Float with Splash & Play Activity Center Safety Seat - Navy/White

The SwimSchool Baby Float provides your baby with a safe place to enjoy the water. With safety features in place and a retractable canopy, your baby will be sure to have a great time in the pool. 

Extra-Wide Design for Safety

The baby float boasts an extra-wide design with dual air chambers for the safety of its pint-sized passengers. In addition, the adjustable seat keeps your baby upright to ensure they can stay safe and play at the same time. 

The front mesh area provides a place for your baby to safely play with toys put in front of them, instead of having to reach into the water. 

One Size for Most Babies

The SwimSchool baby float comes in one size, fitting babies ages 6-24 months. The float measures 36″ in width. 

Inflation by Mouth

The SwimSchool baby float does not come equipped with an inflator but does inflate fairly quickly by mouth. You can attempt to inflate the float with a bike pump but it’s not guaranteed to fit the valve on the float. 

Adjustable Sun Shade 

The adjustable canopy provides UPF 50 and offers 120 degrees of coverage when fully open. The canopy can either be all the way down, halfway down, or all the way up for full protection. 

In addition, the canopy is attached with velcro, making it easily removable. 

SwimWays Baby Spring Float Activity Center

SwimWays Baby Spring Float Activity Center, Baby Pool Float with Canopy & UPF Protection, Pool Toys & Swimming Pool Accessories for Kids 9-24 Months, Green Octopus

The SwimWays Baby Spring Float Activity Center is your answer to keeping your baby entertained while they are splashing away in the water. 

Dual Inflation Chambers 

You can rest easy knowing your child is safe with the dual inflation chambers around your baby’s seat. The unique innerspring adds stability to ensure your child cannot tip over. 

Comfortable Fit for Little Ones

To ensure your little one stays comfortable while floating around, the float comes with a mesh seat and fabric-covered inflation. 

The leg holes allow your child to comfortably sit, all while learning how to kick their legs. 

Removable Canopy for Sun Protection

The canopy provides UPF 50+ sun protection and is built with mesh sides so you can easily peek in at your little one. You can easily remove the canopy by unsnapping each side. Keep in mind, the canopy isn’t adjustable so you can only pick for it to be up or down.  

The whole float folds flat into 3 compact circles, making it easy to transfer to your next swimming destination. 

Wide Range of Ages

The one-sized baby float allows children ages 9-24 months to comfortably sit inside. The float measures 34″L x 30″W x 20.5″ H. The ideal maximum capacity is 30 lbs. 

Fun Accessories 

The float comes equipped with a removable octopus that can rotate 360 degrees. In addition, several toys are included with the float like stacking rings, a fish teether, and a squeaker fish. The toys aren’t attached to anything so either expect to be constantly getting them for your kiddo, or use your best DIY skills and attach them to the float. 

Inflating Can Be Difficult 

Finally, the only drawback to the SwimWays baby float is it can be difficult to inflate. It does not come with a pump and you have to inflate by mouth. However, only the outside ring will need to be inflated. If you have a bike pump handy, you can try it out on the baby float in an effort to save time. 

Mambobaby Non-Inflatable Baby Swim Float

Cloth Newest Add Tail Avoid Flip Over Mambobaby Non Inflatable Baby Swim Float with Canopy UPF 50+ Vest Air Free Water Smart Swim Trainer Solid Infant Pool Waist Ring

The Mambobaby Non-Inflatable Baby Swim Float is the solution for those parents who just want to get in the water with their baby and go. No inflating is needed! In addition, you can choose from either a green, blue, or pink float. 

Non-Inflatable for Easy Use

You can save your breath on this one. The Mambobaby swim float requires absolutely no inflating. This also means there are no worries about it deflating while your baby is kicking away in it. 

The base of the float is made from a soft cloth on the outside and a pearl foam inside. The cloth is breathable and easily dries, all while being gentle on your baby’s skin. I recommend hanging the float to dry, to help get rid of any excess water. 

Finally, the only downside of having a non-inflatable float is storage. You won’t be able to throw it in your suitcase for a trip and it would take up a bit of space in your car for a road trip. However, it’s a great option for the local pool. 

Two Ways to Swim

With the Mambobaby swim float, your child can either be positioned to swim the breaststroke or backstroke. A backstroke position is a good option for smaller babies who can’t quite hold their heads up as well. 

Safety Features to Keep Baby Secure

The swim float comes with a “tail” and it sits at the back of the float to ensure your baby can’t flip over, regardless of which swim position your baby is in. In addition, the baby float is equipped with a sealed middle waterproof membrane layer. 

Finally, the five-point harness keeps your baby secure and avoids the potential of them slipping into the water. 

Increased Size for Bigger Babies

The Mambobaby swim float is now bigger to accommodate a wider range of ages. The float fits children from 3 months, all the way up to 2 years. The maximum capacity is 40 lbs, however, you may notice your child outgrows it before they hit that mark. The more a child weighs, the greater the chance of it tipping forward in the water. 

Protection from the Sun

The baby float is equipped with a removable canopy, which provides an SPF of 50. Since the baby float is made with a cloth instead of plastic, it cannot get hot under the sun. If you’ve ever used a baby float before, you know when the plastic sits in the heat, the surface can get really hot. 

Ayeboovi Baby Float  

Baby Pool Float with Canopy UPF50+ Sun Protection Inflatable Baby Float Water Toys Summer Toys Baby Swim Float for Pool Aged 6-36 Months

With an adorable shark design and built-in bells in the teeth, the Ayeboovi Baby Float will surely have you taking plenty of pictures of your little one in the pool. You have the option of pink, blue, or yellow shark.

The float is ideal for children ages 9-36 months and has a weight capacity of 40 lbs. Aside from its cuteness factor, let’s take a look at why it ranks as one of the best baby floats. 

Top Safety Features

Firstly, the baby float is equipped with handles on two sides, allowing your child to hold on for extra support. In addition, the high-quality non-toxic PVC material ensures no water can make its way into the float. The float even comes with one repair patch if you do get a hole or tear. 

Secondly, the thick edges of the float ensure your baby cannot tip over and also offers a comfortable place to rest their back. 

Finally, the widened size makes it sturdy and durable for little ones. The float measures 25″ in width and 30″ in length. 

Canopy for Sun Protection

The shark’s teeth do more than just look cute, they also provide your baby with protection from the sun.  Offering an SPF of 50, the removable canopy measures 31″ in width and 18″ in height. 

Inflating Your Float

The baby float does not come equipped with a pump, so you will need to have an electric or hand pump ready. Keep in mind, both the base of the float and the canopy require inflating. A complaint of the canopy is it does not stay up too well. To avoid this issue, make sure you are filling the canopy completely with air.

Best Mommy & Me Baby Float

Mommy & Baby Float

If you are looking to be right there with your baby, check out the Mommy & Baby Float. It also gives your baby their own turtle, starfish, and canopy. The mommy & baby float has a maximum age capacity of 8 to 24 months. 

Space for Parent to Wade

The baby float is equipped with a place specifically for the parent to hang out while their little one kicks away. The float is made from eco-friendly PVC and non-toxic printing. 

I appreciate the handles for the baby to grip onto to help make them feel secure. The float measures 39″ in width and 22.5″ in width. Since the parent portion is not removable, it is a longer float regardless of whether you utilize the extra space. However, since it is inflatable, it is easy to store and put away. 

Canopy for Sun Protection

The removable canopy helps block the sunlight from hitting your baby. It does need to be inflated and it’s important to remember to fill it all the way to reduce the chance of it toppling over on your little one. 

When the canopy is attached, the float measures 23″ in height. 

The Need to Re-Inflate

The Mommy & Baby float does not come equipped with a pump, so be prepared to blow this one up by mouth, unless you own a pump. Complaints about the float say it doesn’t hold its air that well. I recommend always checking the air level before use. 

Best Twin Baby Float

Poolmaster Mommy & US Swimming Pool Baby Rider 

Poolmaster Mommy & US Swimming Pool Baby Rider

Two babies equal twice the fun, right? The Poolmaster Mommy & US Swimming Pool Baby Rider allows you to keep your babies together, instead of following two baby floats around the pool. Whether you have twins or multiple babies close in age, the brightly colored rainbow float keeps them safe and secure in the pool. 

Simple Design

The overall design of the twin baby float is fairly simple but it does provide your babies with a safe place to sit in the pool. With the four leg holes, you can decide which direction your child will sit in.

In addition, there is a space in the middle of the two seats where you can put toys for your little ones. Since the middle section is not mesh, you can fill it up with water and use it as a little pool on land for your baby. Just make sure you are close by to supervise. 

Keep in mind, while the babies don’t have to be the same size, ensure there isn’t a huge difference in weight. Also, do not use with only one baby. The float is best for babies ages 6-36 months. The weight limit for each seat is 33 lbs. 

Finally, the float measures 43 x 46 inches long and easily deflates for storage. 

Canopy Not Included

While the twin baby float sets itself apart from the rest of the best baby floats on our list, it doesn’t, however, come with a canopy. While sunscreen is a must for kiddos 6 months and older, I highly recommend one of the best baby hats to keep the sun out of their face. 

Not having a canopy would be my main complaint with the twin baby float. Even though canopies don’t block the sun 100%, they provide a good amount of coverage to shield your baby from harmful UV rays. 

Inflating Your Float

The twin baby float doesn’t come with a pump, so you will either need to do it by mouth or find a compatible pump around your house. Typically, bike pumps or air mattress pumps can get the job done. Just make sure you do not overinflate the float. 

Baby Swim Float Comparison

The table below compares only the recommended products on this page. A low or high Price means it is low or high compared to the other products listed. The Popularity Score reflects how often readers click on and buy the product. The Quality Score is our assessment of the overall performance and satisfaction with the product compared to others in the table.

How We Selected the Best Baby Floats 

Top Safety Features 

While you should always be within arm’s reach of your child, you also want a baby float to be equipped with top-notch safety features. Ensuring your baby doesn’t flip over or slide out of the float gives parents peace of mind. 

The majority of the best baby floats come equipped with a five-point harness and dual air chambers to ensure your baby isn’t going anywhere. The risk with not securing your baby includes the chance of them tipping over or flipping forward. Make sure to always buckle your child when you have them in a baby float, regardless of how secure you think they are. 

Canopy Included

While babies should always lather up with sunscreen starting at 6 months, having a canopy provides extra protection from the sun. In addition, having a removable canopy is a nice feature, especially if you are at an indoor pool where you don’t need to block out the sun. 

Canopies tend to either be mesh fabric or inflatable.  My preference is the mesh, as they tend to be sturdier, but any canopy is better than nothing. 

Easy to Inflate

Almost like having to assemble a toy, I don’t want to spend too much time and energy blowing up a float. The best baby floats inflate easily, either by mouth or pump, or even don’t inflate at all. There’s enough you have to do in order to get ready to take your baby swimming and inflating a baby float shouldn’t be an ordeal. 

FAQs – Baby Floats

What’s the best floatation device for babies?

When you are looking for a flotation device for babies, look for one that offers plenty of protection for your baby so they don’t risk slipping into the water.

Before the age of 1, it’s probably best to avoid both traditional and newer-style pool floaties, as they are too large. Also avoid the simple inflatable pool rings, as it is very easy for baby to slip down into the water and get into trouble.

Some parents will opt for a full life jacket for their infant. These are more expensive but offer total protection and safety, with tall back panels to help babies float on their back at all times. 

In my opinion, the best flotation device for older babies is the LAYCOL baby swimming float. It offers a secure place for babies to sit and have fun in the water, all while keeping them protected from the sun. 

Can I use a baby float at the beach?

The best baby floats aren’t recommended for ocean use. The waters can be dangerous with waves and rip tides and baby floats don’t match up. Instead, choose a Coast Guard-approved life jacket. 

In addition, if the waves get ahold of the float, it can easily cause it to drift away. 

Are baby neck floats safe?

You may have seen a video with a baby kicking away, all while supported by a float around their neck. It’s an interesting concept but is it safe? They are not considered safe. Since there is only one seam on the neck float, if it were to deflate, it puts your child at risk for drowning. 

Finally, there is no proven benefit to using the neck floats and it can even cause strain to a baby’s still maturing neck. 

When can babies use floaties?

The floaties that sit on a children’s upper arm have pretty much become extinct. They have been replaced with improved baby floats and puddle jumpers for older kids. Some of the best baby floats can start being used around 3 months of age. The more advanced floaties, like puddle jumpers, are geared towards older kids, weighing about 30-50 lbs.

What baby float is best for a 2-year-old?

When your child hits two years old, many of the best baby floats become too small for them. At this age, I recommend a puddle jumper or life vest to keep your child safe. It helps when teaching your child to learn how to swim. 


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