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Becoming a new Mom, especially for the first time, is definitely an overwhelming experience.  Everything we purchase comes with an instruction and owner’s manual, but these tiny newborns do not come with any care guides, making it a constant learning experience. 

Of course, just as you feel like you have mastered a stage, they enter a new stage and the learning begins all over again.   But have no fear… you will get the hang of caring for your little one’s daily needs and it will soon feel like you’ve been doing it for years!  

Nose Care

Every baby gets a stuffy or runny nose at some point, but since they can’t blow their nose, it is up to you to help them get that gunk out of there.  A bulb syringe or a nasal aspirator are two of the most popular devices to clear your baby’s nostrils.  Getting the child to stay still while you clean out their boogies is the hardest part of the process so having someone help you is ideal.  Another great item for your congested baby is a cool mist humidifier to run at night in their nursery.  It helps moisturize those sore nasal cavities while also helping your infant sleep better when congested. 

Dental Care

Teething is the start of dental care, and every mom is anxious to see that first little tooth pop through the gums.  Babies can begin to teeth as early as two month but typically it is between 4-6 months (or later) until those first little toofers start appearing. 

You will know when the teething begins as baby’s get very grouchy and irritable when they are teething.  Other signs are drooling excessively, chewing on everything, putting their hands in their mouth, swollen gums, and even slight fevers.  Using baby teethers can help console your little grumpy bear when they are miserable from the pain.  Many teethers can be frozen which helps soothe those swollen and sore gums, while some have ridges and bumps that feel good to chew on.

Once your tiny tot has their first tooth, it is a good time to begin teaching them proper oral care.  Using soft-bristled, baby-designed toothbrushes and fluoride-free toothpaste for babies is important for beginning dental care.  Establishing early brushing begins teaching them good oral hygiene but also establishes a habit for them that will continue throughout their lives.  You can take your little one to the dentist, according to the American Dental Association, 6 months after their first tooth appears or around 12 months.  

Skin Care

Everyone has heard the saying, “Softer than a baby’s bottom,” right?  Baby’s often have soft and tender skin that is silky to touch.  But sometimes your baby may have dry and chafing skin or develop rashes or skin irritations.  Skin is the largest organ on your baby’s body so maintaining its health is vital.  Moisturizing and nourishing their skin will help keep your baby’s skin soft and delicate. 

Using natural baby wash, which is hypoallergenic, is a smart choice for your tiny tot because generally they are free from harsh fragrances, dyes, and other irritants.  One other common skincare is baby oil which hydrates the skin.  It is best to use after giving your baby a bath when their skin is still moist. 

Baby oil also is known for helping with cradle cap as it can loosen the flakes and crusties in the baby’s hair.  Some parents prefer baby lotion to moisturize their little one’s dry skin because it absorbs quickly and does not leave an oily residue afterward. Whichever you choose for your baby’s skincare just check that the ingredients are safe and healthy for them.  

Nail Care

Baby’s fingernails grow at a rapid rate and guaranteed they will find their face and begin to scratch themselves.  While it is daunting to cut those itty bity newborn nails, it is important so that they are both safe and groomed.  Fingernails grow much quicker than toenails but you should make it a habit to trim them at least once a week. 

Many parents use tiny baby clippers but some feel baby nail files are less intimidating to use.  There are many grooming kits that include nail clippers, scissors, and nail files.  Many of them also include other important baby care items such as tweezers, hairbrushes, cradle cap combs, thermometers, and medicine droppers.  For tips on how to cut those little baby nails, click this link to read advice on making nail care less stressful.   

Hair Care

Some babies are born with a full head of hair while other babies are born completely bald.  Whether your baby is hairy or lacking in this department, there will be many changes the first year as some babies lose their hair and others will begin to grow some. 

You should wash your baby’s hair only a few times per week, using a gentle, tear free shampoo and gently massaging the scalp.  As your little tike gets hair, you also need to find a good hairbrush that will gentle on their baby fine hair.  You do not want to use a brush that will pull their hair or cause them any pain. 

A common problem with a newborn’s hair is cradle cap which shows up as yellowish flaky, crusty patches in the scalp.  It is caused by overactive oil glands and is not harmful.  It will eventually go away on its own, but there are special shampoos and combs that help a bit with cradle cap.  You can also massage baby oil into the baby’s scalp which will help loosen some of the crusty pieces that you can then comb out.  

Bath Time

Bath time for your little tot is a special routine where you spend time with your baby one-on-one.  Since you have to keep a constant eye on your little one, it is a good time to bond, talk, sing, and play with your precious baby which is a vital to their emotional and cognitive development.  It is also an important part of their care as you are both cleaning their bodies but you are also protecting the health of their skin.  A good suggestion is to give your baby a bath before bed and afterwards gently massage their body which will help them have a better night sleep.

Some items you need for bath time include:

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