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Best Purses for Moms with Toddlers: Our Top 13 Picks

Sometime during your baby’s second year, a funny thing will probably happen. You will grow to loathe everything about your diaper bag. When looking for my first toddler mom purse, I know that it needs to be roomy, functional, beautiful, and stylish. My top pick is the Kattee Vintage Genuine Leather Tote Shoulder Bag. This bag covers all your bases and looks lovely while doing it. Read on for a full and honest guide of the best purses for moms with toddlers.

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Best Mom Purses

The best toddler mom totes and purses are bags that hide the fact that they are basically a diaper bag so fashion is key to these Mom bags, but sometimes that costs a bit more.  We love the Kattee Vintage Genuine Leather Tote Shoulder Bag, which has the boujee appeal for the fashion forward mom that is slightly more expensive than the Nodykka Women Tote Bag, Geometric Purse, or the 3 piece handbag set

Kattee Vintage Genuine Leather Tote Shoulder Bag

Kattee Vintage Genuine Leather Tote Shoulder Bag for Women Satchel Handbag with Top Handles (Light Brown)

The Kattee Vintage Genuine Leather Tote Shoulder Bag is my top pick for the best purses for moms with toddlers. This bag is multi-use making it a great purchase for using as a diaper bag in disguise.


If you are bored of that diaper bag look, this purse might be the answer to your purse prayers! The Kattee looks nothing like a diaper bag. Instead, it features a sleek design that hides the well-thought-out interior pockets. The square shape and thin straps are chic and fashionable.


You can get this bag for much less than you would typically pay for a designer diaper bag. In fact, you could probably buy two of these, in two colors, for the same price. Since you have a toddler, chances are you don’t have piles of extra money to spend on a new bag, so the affordable features of this bag really make it a winning deal.

Well Made.

This purse is built to last. It’s made from genuine leather, which will wear much better than a fabric or vinyl bag. The material is soft and pliable and will continue to look better and better as you break it in.

Bunch of pockets.

The Kattee women’s tote has 5 pockets, some zippered and some open. You and your toddler can be well organized and fashionable at the same time. Just reserve one or two pockets for toddler items and the rest is yours to play around with.

Color options.

This bag comes in 6 colors, from neutral greys and blacks to green, blue, and maroon. All are genuine leather, with a really lovely sheen to them. Having color options and an affordable price means you might even buy two to rotate with your seasonal wardrobe choices.

Animal Materials

Vegetarians and vegans may not want to use this bag since it is made from waxed cowhide.

No insulation

If you are still in need of an insulated pocket for milk or juice, this purse won’t work for you. It is a true handbag, with no “baby” features. Don’t expect to keep a bottle of milk chilled in this leather purse!

Nodykka Tote Bag

Nodykka Women Tote Bags Top Handle Satchel Handbags PU Faux Leather Tassel Shoulder Purse

If you love the look of my top pick, but you need something more affordable, check out the Nodykka Tote Bag. This trendy bag is another great choice as one of the best purses for moms with toddlers.

The Nodykka bag features sleek artificial leather outside with a magnetic closure. Although this bag doesn’t feature multiple pockets or compartments, but instead just one slip pocket, we think it would still work great for quick outings with the little one. For less than half the price as my top pick bag, you won’t regret this excellent purchase.

The quality of the leather on this bag isn’t quite as nice as a more expensive version. By saving on price, you lose extra features like multiple interior pockets.

HotOne Luminous Geometric Purse

The HotOne Luminous Geometric Purse from Obvie is seriously an eye-catcher! Guess what else? The colors of the purse change as the light hits it! Your toddler may enjoy this purse as much as you will! 

Check this out — this purse in normal light is a dark grey color, but take it outside or put it in front of strong light, and you’ll see the bright geometric colors come to life. You can carry this large tote with a hand strap or shoulder strap. You may think the dark grey color inside will be boring, but customers say it still looks nice.

For the price, you’re not going to get high-quality materials past the design and color-change feature. Some customers complained the inner material wasn’t great and that the zipper sometimes slips.

Ten Thirty Three Bag

Handbags for Women Shoulder Bags Tote Satchel Hobo 3pcs Purse Set

The 3-Piece Purse Set from LOVEVOOK offers all the versatility you need with a large tote, messenger bag, and wallet clutch. Choose from over 20 colors!

The best part of this 3-piece purse set is that it gives you options depending on where you’re going. Long day at the park? Take the tote. Just running into the store real quick? Maybe the messenger bag or wallet clutch will be more convenient to wear. Each piece is roomy to store what you need and features a modern and chic design.

The clutch is smaller than expected so make sure to double-check the measurements of it if that matters to you.

Best Crossbody Bags for Moms

If your purse is still primarily your toddler’s diaper bag, the Fossil Fiona Faux Leather Crossbody Purse is definitely more girly and a great mom purse, however, the Kemy’s Oversized Canvas Crossbody Bag is a better unisex option if you are passing off the bag and toddler to the father.  

Fossil Fiona Faux Leather Crossbody Purse

Fossil Women's Fiona Faux Leather Large Crossbody Purse Handbag, Black Stripe (Model: ZB7271080)

The Fossil Fiona Faux Leather Crossbody Purse is a super cute and large crossbody purse that is available in over 10 colors. With an overall 5-star rating, this purse is definitely a popular product!

Beyond the super cute design, the Fiona purse features 3 pockets inside — 1 zipper and 2 slide pockets. The interior is large enough to fit an iPad Pro 9.7, wallet, and other things you need. On the exterior of the purse, you’ll find 4 pockets — 1 back slide, 1 front zipper, and 2 front slide pockets. A 22.5-inch strap provides plenty of room for wearing off your shoulder or across your body. 

Keep in mind that the fabric exterior of this purse means it can get dirty easily and it’s not easy to clean off. With this in consideration, think about choosing a design that is darker and won’t show spots as easily.

Kemy’s Oversized Canvas Crossbody Bag

If you really want a purse but you still need to trade the bag with dad for father/son toddler outings, you may want a more unisex look. There aren’t many affordable unisex options on the market, but the Kemy’s Oversized Canvas Crossbody Bag hits all the right points!

As one of the best purses for moms of toddlers, you might not expect to see a unisex bag option. But just in case you like a more neutral design, this bag could really work for you. It features a slouchy messenger bag look, with a long, crossbody strap. Mom or dad will look super stylish carrying this bag around. What I really love about Kemy’s bag is that it has a small outer pocket just for your phone and keys. So even if the interior is full of toddler items, you can always find your must-haves with just a single zip! This bag comes in four different colors, and I love that every color is neutral enough for any outfit.

Lack of interior pockets. There is one small pocket inside of the main compartment, but that’s it. If you need to have every little item organized and in its own space, then this bag won’t be a good choice for you!

Best Backpack Purses

Backpack purses are definitely about the bag that can double as a purse for you but also carry your toddler’s necessities. The pocket space of the UTO Women’s Tassel Backpack Purse makes it a great choice for dual usage between you and your child, while the Idaho Jones Backpack Diaper Bag is not a good choice for the over packer.  The Mini Diaper Bag by miss fong is the best size if you are looking for a bag to carry a few of your own things and have more than one little one who needs items packed for on the go.

UTO Women’s Tassel Backpack Purse

UTO Women Backpack Purse Leather Vegan Ladies Fashion Designer Rucksack Convertible Travel Shoulder Bag with Tassel Brown

The UTO Women’s Tassel Backpack Purse literally is available in over 35 colors! With three strap options (hand, shoulder, or backpack), you can easily wear or carry this purse however you need to for various occasions.

The soft synthetic leather with tassel is comfortable, not rigid, and is water-resistant in case you catch yourself in some rain. Inside the purse, you’ll find 5 pockets — 2 zip and 3 open pockets. There are 5 pockets on the outside of the purse as well — 2 front zipper, 2 side open, and 1 back zipper pocket. Remove or attach the single shoulder strap for convenience.

Some buyers complained that this bag arrived with an undesirable smell so it may need some airing out upon arrival. 

The back zip pocket is on the left side of the bag, making it inconvenient to reach into if you’re right-handed.

Idaho Jones Backpack Diaper Bag

IDAHO JONES Claremont Mini Diaper Bag Backpack | Small Diaper Bag with Changing Pad | Water Resistant Backpack Diaper Bag | Hold What You Need | Includes Stroller Straps and Changing Pad | Black

One of the best types of purses for moms with toddlers is a backpack-style purse because let’s be honest – we need our hands! This Idaho Jones Backpack Diaper Bag is a stylish choice that is also convenient. Yes, this one again says that it’s a diaper bag. But no one will know that it’s not a stylish purse if you don’t tell them!

This compact bag is small enough to not look like a duffle bag but large enough to fit what you need. A variety of pockets, including an insulated pocket, provide you the space you need for your toddler and yourself. I love how the front and back unzip for more room or to keep things separate from each other. This Idaho Jones backpack also comes with a wipeable changing pad and straps for hanging the bag on a stroller when taking walks. Each bag comes with a 12-month warranty.

The only drawback we see for this bag is that it would not work well for moms who like to pack a lot! 

Leather Diaper Bag Backpack Purse by miss fong

Small Diaper Bag Mini Diaper Bag by miss fong, Leather Diaper Bag Backpack with 13 Diaper Bag Organizers,2 Insulated Pockets, and Shoulder Strap(Brown)

If you have two kids to tote around, you probably need a bigger purse. Your clutch holding days are still far off! But since they are both older, a regular diaper bag is overkill. That’s where the Leather Diaper Bag Backpack Purse by miss fong comes in. It is one of the best purses for moms with toddlers because it has enough space for both kids plus you can wear it as a backpack (because clearly you already have your hands full)!

Although this is a smaller bag than regular diaper bags, you still get a couple of insulated pockets to help keep sippy cups and water bottles cool. There are 11 pockets in total – 4 outer and 7 inner including one large zipper pocket for keeping your things separate from the kid’s things. Because of its smaller yet convenient size, this bag can be carried by your kiddos too! Keep in mind this is made of artificial leather, not real leather.

You can find hands-free diaper bag options for twins in our best backpack diaper bag for twins article.

The only drawback we’ve found with this bag is that it could arrive with a strong odor (we think due to the artificial leather).

Best Travel Purses for Moms

Traveling with little ones requires packing smart, therefore, storage and multiple pockets are key!  While the Vera Bradley Vera Tote Bag and the JJ Cole Caprice are great travel bags with multiple pockets for maximum storage, the SoHo Grand Central Station Diaper Bag Set is a 7 piece set that provides a lot of storage options for traveling with little ones.

Vera Bradley Vera Tote Bag

Vera Bradley Women's Cotton Vera Tote Bag, Patriotic Plaid - Recycled Cotton, One Size

Vera Bradley is a classic and high-quality brand when it comes to bags — especially ones with soft cotton fabric. The best part about carrying around a cotton purse when you have a toddler is that you can throw it in the washing machine whenever it gets dirty. 

Inside the Vera Bradley Vera Tote Bag you’ll find a printed polyester lining and 6 interior pockets that you can slip things in easily. The outside of the purse features 3 pockets — one slip, one zip, and one hidden top pocket. It’s 15 inches high and wide and 6 inches deep, so you have plenty of room to store whatever you need for you and your toddler. Plus over 40 designs to choose from! 

Since the bottom is fabric, expect it to get dirty if you’re setting it down a lot, especially outdoors or at the park. Fortunately, you can wash this purse easily.

JJ Cole Caprice

Do you still want the features of a diaper bag but without the bulk and typical look? This beautiful bag is one of the best purses for moms with toddlers since it functions as a diaper bag but looks like a designer purse. This JJ Cole Caprice bag will really shine for you as a multifunctional bag that will last years!

Love pockets? Then you’ll love that this purse is designed with 11 pockets including some insulated pockets for keeping bottles and sippy cups temperature-controlled. With the shorter handle and the longer strap, you are able to carry this bag in a variety of ways. A changing pad is included with this purse for sanitary diaper changing on the go. Not a fan of the stripes? The JJ Cole Caprice is also available in five different designs. 

We honestly can’t find a drawback with this bag!

SoHo Collection Grand Central Station Diaper Bag Set

SoHo Grand Central Station Diaper Bag (Green)

Yes, this is an actual diaper bag and not just a purse. But if you have a baby and a toddler, you probably need greater functionality. However, the SoHo Collection Grand Central Station Diaper Bag Set looks more like a tote bag than a diaper bag, so it is my pick for one of the best purses for moms with toddlers and a baby!

The SoHo features an amazing 7 piece set, making it a great value for the money. This bag doesn’t cost a lot, so it is a good choice if you are upgrading after your second baby. It is available in three fun prints, which each look like a trendy tote bag, and not a dumpy diaper set. The interior and exterior pockets will handle the pacifier your baby needs and the pull-ups that your toddler is wearing, all with ease.  For a set of mixed-age kids, with very mixed needs, you can’t go wrong with this SoHo purse!

If you are looking for a true purse, this is not the choice for you. This diaper bag may look like a purse, but it definitely has more of a diaper bag feel than the other options on my list for best purses for moms of toddlers.

Buying Criteria

When I was trying to pick my favorite of the best purses for moms of toddlers available, I generally tried to follow these criteria:

  • Fashionable and cute.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Affordable.
  • Long-lasting.
  • Zippered top and pockets.
  • Multiple ways to carry.

I want my purse to be both functional and trendy, and I don’t want to look like I am carrying around a bag full of baby toys. All of the options on my list meet most or all of the criteria above, and I would be happy to have any of them to help me enjoy my time spent out and about with my toddler!

Mom Purse Comparison

The table below compares only the recommended products on this page. A low or high Price means it is low or high compared to the other products listed. The Popularity Score reflects how often readers click on and buy the product. The Quality Score is our assessment of the overall performance and satisfaction with the product compared to others in the table.

FAQ about the Best Mom Purses

Should I chose fashion or function when picking a bag?

Both.  Nowadays there are endless options of fashionable and functional bags so don’t sacrifice either one.  Find a cute bag that you love that will fit the functional needs of your daily life.  

Should I carry both a purse and a bag for my toddler?

You can but as your baby begins to grow up, they need less and less when you go out.  So finding a bag for both you and your little one’s necessities is the smartest option for those on the go days.   Trying to juggle two bags and hold onto a toddler’s hand would be difficult, so make your life a little easier by throwing everything into one bag.

What is the best style of purse for a mom?

While that is a personal preference, we love the function of a backpack purse.  It offers great storage for the active, busy mom of little ones.  Backpacks are also a wonderful option to throw on your back to have your hands free to hold onto your toddler and help guide them where you want them to go. 



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