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Best Diapers – The Top Disposable and Cloth Diaper Options for Baby

I reviewed top brands of diapers including Pampers, Huggies, Andy Pandy, and The Honest Company. All my reviews and research have shown that bamboo diapers – by any brand – are more gentle on baby bottoms, although they’re more expensive. Whether you want natural, absorbent, or inexpensive choices, we’ve got all the best baby diapers that get the job done, from cloth diapers to the new Amazon Mama Bear diapers to good old Pampers.

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Best Diapers 

Premium Bamboo Disposable Diapers by Andy Pandy and Seventh Generation Baby Diapers are great for the earth conscience mama’s who are looking for a natural diaper, where Luvs Ultra Leakguards Disposable Baby Diapers are an inexpensive choice that does not boast of natural, eco friendly qualities.

Premium Bamboo Disposable Diapers by Andy Pandy

Andy Pandy Premium Disposable Diapers - XL - for Babies Weighing 26+ lbs - X-Large (Pack of 62)

The Eco-Friendly Premium Bamboo Diapers by Andy Pandy have become quite popular as bamboo offers so many benefits to babies. The cost of these eco-friendly diapers is comparable to premium diapers and maybe a bit too expensive for some budgets but not un-doable for most.

The bags do come with a large number of diapers included to make your life easier and keep diapers on hand.


  • Come in three sizes – small (6-16 lbs), medium (13-22 lbs), large (20-31 lbs)
  • Bamboo disposable diapers
  • Comfortable, breathable, and moisture-wicking material
  • Thermal regulating to keep baby’s temperature comfortable
  • Prevents diaper rashes
  • Soft bamboo for ultra comfort
  • Hypoallergenic and antibacterial to prevent chaffing and irritation
  • Includes an aloe liner to keep baby’s skin hydrated and to prevent itchiness
  • Lifetime “No Leak Guarantee” from a mom-owned business – full money back if you have issues
  • Do not tear easily
  • Odor -resistant 
  • Includes a wetness indicator 
  • Biodegradable diapers

Biodegradable Bamboo Diapers 

The majority of moms were very happy with these bamboo diapers. These diapers, like the other bamboo diapers above, offer a lot of unique qualities not found in other diapers. From odor-resistant to biodegradable, these diapers may be better for both baby and the environment.

For parents who do not want to contribute to the trash issues in this country, these diapers maybe be a wonderful trade-off from using disposable without compromising their beliefs. 

Other families will consider these diapers because of sensitive skin. All three of my children were sensitive to diapers and I only wish these had been around to try! Bamboo is relatively new as diapers and now are extremely accessible giving new parents even more options than the previous generation had. Definitely worth a try with such high reviews. 

Strange Sizing and Not for Nighttime

The large size can be too small for babies older than two and the small size might be too big for newborns. Despite the leak promise, some customers experienced leaks with liquids.

Other customers complained the diapers are not suitable for overnight use.

Lastly, a few moms complained about the fit. Each baby is unique and what fits one baby may not fit another. 

Earth + Eden Baby Diapers

The Earth + Eden Baby Diapers are the most affordable depending on what size you get. Not only are they inexpensive, but they are also natural and non-toxic. Pick from 8 different sizes and save money for the entire time your children are in diapers. The absorbent diapers even come in seven different prints. Even the box is cute with a sweet sleeping baby and a clean design.

Want a really cute place to store your diapers? Read up on the best diaper caddies.


  • Sizes newborn to size 6 to cover up to under 8 pounds and over 35 pounds
  • Leak protection that is gentle for baby’s skin
  • No lotions, parabens, latex, fragrance, or chlorine bleaching
  • Breathable outer cover for dryness 
  • Inner layer with cotton that is hypoallergenic 
  • Cruelty-free 
  • Non-toxic
  • Made in America
  • Uses natural rubber latex

Super-Absorbent Natural Protection

Skip all of the creepy ingredients and focus on diapering your baby for less money. Some parents even say these diapers work well overnight without having to change the baby.

These diapers are great for babies with sensitive bottoms and very absorbent. Most parents even say these natural diapers do not leak. 

Next, these diapers are softer than most natural diapers which tend to be stiffer than the normal diapers on the market. As a matter of fact, most parents compare these diapers to the diaper brands like Pampers and Huggies.

Lastly, the wetness indicator helps to make these disposable diapers even better. 

Frequent Blowouts and Skin Irritation

As with all diapers, these ones have a few issues. Most of the issues are the same you will hear for all diapers. Parents listed problems with blowouts as the main issues.

My friends, it is not possible for a diaper to contain a baby poop explosion. It’s just not. I have tried even the most highly rated diapers both here in America and in Germany and I can say without a doubt, infants are very talented poopers and can spread poop faster than water can run downhill. 

Other issues include skin irritation for some babies. Again, every baby is different and this is a problem with all diapers but for this particular diaper, the problem seemed to be a little more common.

Lastly, the diapers tend to have a bit of a strange smell. Not necessarily a chemical smell, but just a strange smell. All in all, very few issues and at least leaks weren’t one of the common issues. 

Mama Bear Diapers 

Amazon hopped into the baby market with their own line of baby diapers called Mama Bear Diapers. While Amazon offers a great value and an affordable price tag, these diapers operate more like off-brand diapers. They do, however, offer a full refund if you are unhappy with the diapers so it certainly cannot hurt.

Think of these as a store brand for Huggies but with a few added perks such as a low price. The picture of the mama bears is super cute too.


  • Disposable low-cost diapers
  • Sizes newborn and 1-6 for under 1o pounds and all the way up to over 35 pounds
  • Stretchy waistband for comfort and fit 
  • Pocketed back waistband to prevent blowouts
  • Flexible leg cuffs 
  • Absorbent inner liner
  • Wetness indicator 
  • Leak protection for up to 12 hours 
  • Hypoallergenic and made without fragrances, elemental chlorine, and rubber latex
  • Amazon Brand with happiness guarantee

Comparable to the Big Brands

Amazon is taking over the world and now they are coming to a baby bottom near you. Well, that is if you choose to give these diapers a try. The pocketed back waistband will help to keep blowouts locked in until you can change your baby. With a contoured shape, these diapers were made to fit snugly and comfortably to ensure leaks are not an option. 

Next, the quilted liner pulls wetness away from sensitive baby skin. Moms and dad will love the shape, the sizes, and that these were made with less creepy ingredients while still remaining accessible in almost every price bracket. The quality is very similar to more pricey diaper brands. 

Gel Leaks Out of Thin Diapers

While similar in size to other brands, these diapers tend to leak the absorbent gel. The dyes on the diaper can bleed onto your baby if the diaper leaks.

The diapers are thinner but this isn’t because they are more absorbent than other diaper brands.

Also, despite the pocketed backs, some babies will still blow messes out of these diapers. Some babies will get rashes.

Lastly, these are not great for nighttime use unless you plan to change the baby. 

Find out if Aldi’s Little Journey Diapers are better than Amazon’s brand or if Kirkland diapers are worth a try. 

Bambo Nature Eco-Friendly Baby Diapers

Bambo Nature Eco Friendly Baby Diapers Classic for Sensitive Skin, Size 2, 60 Count (2 Packs of 30)

The Bambo Nature Eco-Friendly Baby Diapers are a soft and natural baby diaper. These diapers appear to be quite popular around the world for dependability and comfort. The company uses a mixture of natural ingredients including wood to ensure the best diapers.

These nappies are not biodegradable but can be composted in some areas which can help to reduce the carbon footprint and lower the number of diapers thrown into landfills.


  • Natural disposable diapers that minimize diaper rash and allergies
  • Absorbent during the day and the night
  • Soft with a nonwoven back sheet to protect delicate skin
  • Sizes 1 to 6 for 4 pounds to 66 pounds
  • Compostable and cruelty-free
  • Fewer chemicals, additives, and irritants than normal diapers
  • Free of chlorine, latex, lotions, perfumes, dyes, deodorants, phthalates, organotins, heavy metal formaldehyde, PVC and other chemicals. 
  • Wetness indicator
  • Family-owned business in Denmark

Compostable and Still Contain Blowouts

One of the best parts of all the new changes with technology is the ability to create softer diapers with less scary ingredients. These diapers may not be biodegradable (diapers take a long time to decompose!) but they will be more comfortable for babies with sensitive skin while putting less trash in landfills like traditional disposable diapers. 

These diapers run a little large and wide so make sure you plan accordingly for your baby. Moms will love that these diapers are scent-free, at least until their baby fills them.

Also, these diapers are new and improved and for once that actually means the diapers are better! Parents are even saying these diapers actually absorb as well as the company claims. Some even said they contained some blowouts! 

Along with all the other benefits, babies are happy to have a less irritating diaper. Kids definitely do not want rashes or blistered bottoms from caustic chemicals. Babies will also love the soft fabric.

Finally, moms and dads will love the wetness indicators to know when it’s time to change baby. 

Sticks to Skin and Expensive

Unfortunately, not every baby bottom loved these diapers. As with all the other diapers on this list, not every user was happy with these diapers. Some babies got rashes, others had issues with leaking in the night, a few claimed the quality changed, others complained about the sizes, and some parents complained the diapers did not stand up to blowouts.

A couple of issues were unique to these diapers. Some parents complained about the diapers stuck to their kids’ skin which would definitely not be comfortable.

Finally, these diapers are a little on the pricey side as they come from far away. Definitely worth a try, especially for eco-friendly families. 

Earth’s Best Tendercare Diapers

Earth's Best TenderCare Chlorine-Free Disposable Baby Diapers, (35+ lbs), Size 6 (22 Count)

Earth’s Best Tendercare is another reputable brand making a name for themselves with less irritating ingredients


  • Natural disposable diapers 
  • Made without chlorine, latex, petroleum lotions or fragrances, and dyes
  • Made from plant-derived materials 
  • Stretchy breathable sides with re-fastenable tabs. 
  • Only have wetness indicator for Newborn and size 1-2
  • Come in newborn to size 6 for under 10 pounds and over 35 pounds

Plant-Based Protection

Non-toxic diapers are all the rage, as babies don’t want rashes and parents don’t want to put nasty chemicals on their baby’s tushies. Parents will love providing a soft diaper to comfort their baby and prevent diaper rashes. 

Next, these diapers do not sag as much as other diapers when wet but instead hold their shape. For some parents, the diapers are very absorbent. Earth’s Best is a great choice for parents with sensitive skin and who want to help do their part to care for the earth.

This brand really does use top-notch ingredients which is quite reassuring to parents as nothing is more precious than your baby. 

Don’t Stay Put and a Bit Pricey

Where these diapers falter is when baby moves around a lot. Then you can expect leaks and blowouts. Yes, they can keep liquid in but do not absorb the liquid as well as other brands which means the liquid will leak when the baby moves a lot. Earth’s Best is not the best choice for crawling little ones.

The only other complaints are some babies still got rashes and had blowouts.

Finally, these come with a high price tag. These diapers are very expensive compared to other natural brands. 

Luvs Ultra Leakguards Disposable Baby Diapers

Luvs Ultra Leakguards Diapers Size 2, 40 Count

Most parents have heard of the Luvs brand. They are touted to offer everything the brands offer but for a much lower price range and without being fussy. You know that slogan, you probably just said it in your head. The Luvs Ultra Leakguards Disposable Baby Diapers definitely earned a spot on the list of best diapers as their name is known in every home with a baby and for offering a great value even if their diapers do not rate as high as other disposable diapers.

My own children spent a lot of time in Luvs but sensitive bottomed baby’s like my babies may want to consider some other options.


  • Affordable disposable diapers 
  • Include overnight protection with Night lock Plus
  • Contain a leak-guard core to keep baby dry
  • 3 Absorption areas 
  • Soft and comfortable and contoured shape
  • Money-back guarantee 
  • Wide tabs that overlap a little to make diaper changes easier
  • Available in size Newborn and 1 to 6 all the way up to over 35 pounds

Affordable and Basic

Besides, maybe store brands or off-brands, Luvs really are the most inexpensive diapers on the market. My favorite feature about these cheap diapers is the refastenable stretch tabs.

Luvs tabs work as well as Pampers but for a whole lot less price. Also, the leak barrier around the legs keeps liquids tucked in. 

Experienced moms will love the price and realize diapers do not need a lot of fancy features. They just need to keep messes in the diaper, not give babies rashes, and not break the bank.

Next, these best diapers begin to absorb liquids faster than other leading diapers.

Finally, Luvs fit true to size for the majority of kids, making these an easier decision if you are on a tight budget. 

Fall Apart Fast and Bad for Sensitive Skin

Luvs, like others, tend to have issues with quality changing over the years. The inside core turns to a jelly-type substance when wet and because these diapers fall apart faster, that jelly is part of your life. My babies and others ended up with rashes from the diapers.

Lastly, some parents experienced issues with blowouts and leaking, especially at night. 

Find out if Luvs or Pampers are a better deal. 

Huggies Little Snugglers 

HUGGIES Little Snugglers Baby Diapers, Size 1, 216 Count, Unscented, Hypoallergenic, GentleAbsorb Liner, Pocketed-Back Waistband, Wetness Indicator, Premium Softness

If you are loyal to Huggies, we suggest the Huggies Little Snugglers. I am partial to Pampers, but some parents will only trust Huggies.

The main issue I have with this brand is the ruffling around the legs always irritated my children’s legs and the tabs came off more often than they worked for me. They were outstanding for absorbency though. And I also liked the back pocket and slightly higher back panel, which helped avoid some blowouts here and there.


  • Sizes Preemie, Newborn, and 1 – 6 to fit 1 lb to over 35 lbs
  • Unscented and hypoallergenic diapers
  • GentleAbsorb Liners provides cushion and protection for baby’s skin
  • The pocketed back waistband keeps blowouts in
  • Soft and breathable disposable diapers
  • Stay dry for up to 12 hours
  • Wetness indicator 
  • Winnie the Pooh design
  • Umbilical cord cutout 

Soft and Reliable with High-Quality

Huggies provide a valuable diaper for your money and are priced similar to Pampers. For some babies, the size and shape of these diapers will suit them better than other brands. These may be the best option for babies with frequent blowouts because of the extra band in the back to keep leaks in.

I found this band to irritate my children more so than the smoother backs of the Pampers diapers.  

Their diapers do provide protection for up to 12 hours and absorb anything your baby can toss at them. The top liner whisks away moisture and the edging around the sides keeps messes inside. The back has a little stretch to fit snuggly.

Finally, these best diapers are fragrance-free to avoid irritation for sensitive skin. 

Tabs Break Often

Many moms experienced tabs coming off the diapers. I had this problem back when my kids wore diapers too.

Some parents received defective diapers mixed in their bags. Most of the problems stemmed from the tabs. Others had issues with leaks.

Another issue is the smell of these disposable diapers. These diapers don’t use any scents or fragrances, so some parents felt that they had a borderline-chemical smell. Not that it matters…all diapers smell bad in the end!

Otherwise, the absorbent diapers came with the typical complaints expected with diapers. Some baby’s managed to poop out of the diapers and the diapers didn’t fit all babies correctly. 

Find out more information about Huggies and Huggies Snug and Dry.

The Honest Company Diapers

The Honest Company Clean Conscious Diapers | Plant-Based, Sustainable | Orange You Cute + Feeling Nauti | Super Club Box, Size 3 (16-28 lbs), 136 Count

The Honest Company Super Club Box Diapers with TrueAbsorb Technology are very popular as one of the more natural brands. These diapers are fairly new to the market.

The best feature of these diapers is how cute they are. Forget character diapers or plain white. Instead, find an assortment of designs and patterns to cheer up the diaper changing job. Don’t worry, these nappies have other valuable features as well. 


  • Disposable diapers with better materials 
  • Created by Jessica Alba to prevent health struggles from inferior ingredients
  • Eco-friendly and non-toxic
  • Chlorine bleach-free and also free of fragrances, latex, lotions, and chemical additives
  • Moisture-wicking soft liner to keep baby dry
  • Stretchy side panels and elastic waistband ensure a good fit 
  • The diapers hold 17 times their weight in fluid 
  • Sizes in newborn to size 6 for up to 35 pounds
  • Multiple prints available

Pure Diapers and Earth-Friendly

For a comparable price to other name brands, you can get these popular and fun printed natural diapers. The best diapers are designed to prevent leaks and blowouts with extra fabric in all the right places to keep messes locked in. Citrus and chlorophyll block orders naturally. 

For parents who wish to avoid creepy chemicals this is one of the great options available on today’s market. Baby will love the soft snug fit and the absorbency to avoid wetness on their delicate bottom.

These work better than the Seventh Generation diapers (also quite prevalent on the market). 

Run Small and Can Cause Rashes

The main issue with the Honest brand diapers is how small they are compared to other brands. Knowing they run small means you can plan ahead and buy a size up. For the price, it would be great if the diapers had a wetness indicator. 

Beyond these issues, the regular issues remain. Some babies experienced rashes or even these diapers were not sensitive enough for their skin. Others managed to blow out the diapers.

Last, of all, some customers received defective diapers. None of these are outside of the realm of normal and definitely deserve a try. 

Seventh Generation Baby Diapers

Seventh Generation Baby Diapers Chlorine Free Diaper Newborn Diapers Sensitive Protection Newborn 80 Count

Seventh Generation Baby Diapers may be just the thing to keep your baby dry and comfortable. These are especially a great option for earth-conscious mothers who want to leave a smaller carbon footprint.

While these diapers are a hit with lots of parents, it seems that Seventh Generation made a design tweak in 2022 that left the inner liner thinner than usual, resulting in some busted diapers and some ticked-off parents. Hopefully, the company addresses the issue and re-designs the re-design. 


  • Sustainably harvest plant-based materials
  • Extra breathable layer with FreshAIR technology
  • Ultra-comfortable – softer materials
  • Fragrance, bleach, harsh chemical, and lotion-free
  • High capacity and thin weight with a snug fit and leakage protection 
  • Great for sensitive skin and skin prone to rashes 
  • Chlorine-free wood pulp absorbs liquids
  • Cute patterns!

Plant-Based Materials and Cute Patterns

A diaper made of wood fibers may cause you to wonder.  Not only are Seventh Generation diapers safe for your baby, but also for the environment. Beyond cloth diapers, these might be the next best option! Also, wood fiber is also more absorbent than cotton. Yes, you read that right. There is a new option in town!

These are the first diapers to be certified biobased by the USDA. The plant-based materials are FSC certified and sustainably harvested, so you can rest easy, knowing that this diaper is good for the environment. Even Amazon has certified that this is a climate-friendly company. 

These diapers took the concept of a normal disposable diaper and added in the perks of cloth bamboo diapers. And unlike normal disposable diaper brands, there’s no bleach used in the plant pulp liner, which is better for baby’s sensitive bottom and better for the environment. These diapers are still soft and cute while offering 12-hour leakage protection. 

Liner Leaks and Possible Blowouts

Not that it’s a big deal, but these would be nicer if they had a wetness indicator. But since they are thin by design, it’s pretty easy to tell when they are wet. In fact, they swell up and get saggy with a single pee episode.

Also, if your baby tends to have blow-outs, you may want to use BabyBackups Diaper Extender Pads to catch babies who like to poop outside their diaper. If you would rather, you can also place your baby on the potty when you see them making that little grunting face to save on the diaper altogether and have a whole lot of mess to clean up!

Lastly, these are not the best overnight option. 

Read our review on Best Organic Diapers for more non-toxic options.

Best Cloth Diapers

Wegreeco Reusable Baby Cloth Pocket Diapers are cloth diapers with cloth inserts that are washable; whereas the GroVia Experience Package offers both washable and disposable inserts for more choices.

Wegreeco Reusable Cloth Pocket Diaper

Wegreeco Washable Reusable Baby Cloth Pocket Diapers 6 Pack + 6 Bamboo Inserts (with 1 Wet Bag,Neutral Prints)

If you want to reduce your carbon footprint even more, try Wegreeco’s Reusable Cloth Pocket Diaper. Sure, you will have to wash some diapers but your baby’s sensitive bottom will not be exposed to harsh chemicals.

Cloth diapers are also a great option for babies with sensitive skin. Does your baby have a diaper rash that won’t go away and just gets worse? Your baby may be allergic to diapers.


  • Includes 6 pocket diapers, 6 inserts, and 1 receiving blanket
  • 100% Suede cloth inside
  • 6 Different modern and stylish patterns for boys and girls
  • One-size adjustable diapers – each has three rows of snaps to grow with your baby
  • Fits 0-2 years or 8 to 33 pounds
  • Anti-leak Exterior made of 100% polyester
  • Waterproof and breathable PUL
  • Absorbent soft inserts made of 2 layers of microfiber and 2 layers of bamboo
  • Breathable and soft for sensitive skin
  • Wicks away moisture
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Reusable and save money

Best Cloth Diaper Option

These cloth diapers are so much more than the cloth diapers of the past. Not only do you not need diaper pins, these just snap into place with three rows of snaps to adjust to your baby’s unique size and shape. Also, the inserts absorb even more and make cleaning much easier for mom. 

Use these best diapers for up to two years or from 8-33 pounds with all of the adjustable snaps. Think of all the money you will save! If you have time at your disposal but not money, these may be the best option for your family. The diapers are 15 inches in length and 13 inches in width. 

Made of durable materials, these diapers are soft and comfortable for your baby. As long as you change the baby’s diaper every two hours or sooner, these diapers will help to prevent diaper rash. Insert one or two absorbent inserts to avoid changing the full diaper every time. 

Finally, wash these diapers in the machine after rinsing off solids. Hang to dry or wash on low. Avoid bleach and fabric softener and do not boil. Pull the inserts out before washing the diaper.

Prone to Leaking and Poor Elastic

Cloth diapers do stain. Sorry, cloth diapers are on the nasty side as you have to wash baby and wash the diapers. These are a great option if you are practicing infant elimination communication. Also, cloth diapers can leak more than disposable diapers.

A few parents complained about the elastics in these diapers, but mostly this would be due to each baby’s unique shape.

Finally, while the cost is far less than disposable diapers, all of the cost will be upfront as you will need 10-15 diapers minimum to survive a busy baby bottom. 

Figure out the best cloth diapers for your newborn. 

GroVia Experience Package

GroVia Experience Package: 2 Shells + 4 Organic Cotton Soaker Pads (Color Mix 8 Snap)

If you want to cloth diaper but also want more options, then you will want to try the GroVia Experience Package: 2 Shells + 4 No Prep Soaker Pads. These cloth diapers operate in several fashions to be useful in many family situations, even in child care.

You get the benefit of cloth with the option of a disposable diaper to not have to deal with the mess! This hybrid diaper system even works with other inserts of your choice so if you run out you can even use something else in a pinch.

Finally, the diapers come in an assortment of cute patterns!


  • Organic Cloth diapers for part-time cloth diapering
  • Include 4 No-prep soaker pads with microfleece for comfort and absorbency
  • Fun patterns 
  • The waterproof diaper outer shell  is reusable between washes
  • Adjustable cover to fit each baby with convenient snaps
  • From 8 to 30 pounds
  • Machine washable – no need to soak before washing unlike other cloth diapers
  • Hang shells to dry to avoid wear
  • Do not use bleach, enzyme cleaners, or fabric softeners
  • Mesh inside for airflow 
  • Soaker pad snaps to the diaper to soak up all messes and keep messes away from the shell
  • Disposable soaker pads available too with leg gussets and waterproof backings 
  • Prefolded bamboo inserts available too for more options
  • Velcro side tabs instead of snaps 
  • Multiple absorbency options
  • Multiple shell options

Great for Trying Cloth Diapers

Busy parents want the option of cloth diapering for their sweet babies but often are not able to because cloth diapers are so much work and both parents have to work. Some daycares will only use disposable diapers.

Even more, some mothers do not want to clean poopy diapers. Actually, no moms want to clean the mess but some are willing. This diaper system gives more options to moms to diaper with part disposable diaper and part cloth diaper. 

The hybrid system has a shell with dry weave inside to dry faster and is completely coverable by liners so you can use the outer shell more than once. This means if you want to travel, if you need to be away from your baby and leave him in the care of someone else, you have the option of not using washable but using a liner you can toss in the trash.

The options to wash these diapers is quite simple too. Whoever washes the laundry will love that the liners do not have to soak before washing, eliminating an entire level of work. 

Earth-conscious mothers will love that these diapers avoid all creepy ingredients. Next, Grovia’s diapers put a whole lot less waste in landfills. While the initial upfront cost is quite high, once you buy, you are done. These diapers will last until your child is ready to potty train.

Finally, the diapers fit true to size and adjust for all age ranges except preemies and children over 30 pounds.


The nature of cloth diapers in general demands thicker diapers than disposable. These diapers are no exception and can be quite bulky depending on what inner lining you use.

Lastly, the upfront cost of this diaper system can be quite daunting for some budgets. Especially considering you would need to buy a few sets of diapers and liners and also disposable liners if you want as well. 

Try the Ubbi Steel Diaper Pail to store your cloth diapers. 

Best Pampers Diapers

Pampers Swaddlers  Diapers, Pampers Pure Diapers, and Pampers Cruisers Diapers are diapers used for keeping baby dry during the day and night, however, Pampers Splashers Swim Diapers are made specifically for use in the water and not for daily wear.

Pampers Swaddlers Diapers 

Pampers Swaddlers Sensitive Newborn Diapers Size 0, 27 Count

Pampers is a household name in homes with babies and with good reason. Pampers Swaddlers Diapers are easily one of the best disposable diapers. These diapers have fewer irritations built into the shape of the diaper for a smoother, more comfortable diaper for babies.

Pampers also performs the best compared to other name-brand diapers, all for a decent price. 


  • Blanket-like softness and comfort
  • Each diaper has a wetness indicator to know if the baby needs to be changed
  • Includes an absorbent liner to pull wetness and messes away from your baby’s delicate skin
  • These diapers evenly distribute wetness for up to 12 hours of leakage protection
  • Quilted Liner 
  • Sizes 0-7 for newborn up to 37 pounds
  • Size newborn and one have a notch for the umbilical cord
  • Includes ingredients such as petrolatum, stearyl alcohol, aloe barbadensis leaf extract
  • Air channels for breathability 

Best Disposable Diaper

Most hospitals provide these disposable diapers for use when your baby is born and for good reason. They work. Your baby will stay dry and comfortable. Pampers diapers are also more affordable than bamboo diapers and a whole lot less work than cloth diapers.

The tabs are top-notch in comparison to many brands. These diapers worked best for my long, lean babies. Some friends had chubbier babies and still had success with these as they have enough elastic to move around as needed based on the size. 

Overall, these best diapers provide a snug fit and mold to a baby’s shape. They can stay dry for hours. Although, once the diaper is wet it will, of course, sag from the weight of the baby’s movements. If you want to avoid rashes on sensitive-skinned children, you will want to change their diapers when they begin to sag. 

Strong Scent and Some Leaks

Pampers’ name has lost some steam over the years as their diapers tend to leak more now than they did in the past. A few other parents complained of a strong scent. Diapers will soon enough have a strong scent and certainly do not need any help in that area.

Unlike the Huggies brand, these and other Pampers diapers do not have a pocket in the back for number two blowouts.

Lastly, a smaller percentage of parents complained about the inconsistent quality in general.   

Find out how Pampers Swaddlers compare to Cruisers. You can also see Pampers Swaddlers vs Pampers Baby Dry.

Pampers Pure Disposables

Pampers Easy Ups - Unisex Disposable Pull-Up Diapers for Babies, Size 1 (108 Count), 8-14 lbs

Pampers makes a final appearance on the list with the Pampers Pure Disposables with some distinct features not offered in any diapers by other name brands like Huggies or Luvs. These newborn diapers are free of offending chemicals and fragrances to keep your baby dry without compromising on quality. 


  • Disposable cotton diapers with soft plant-based fibers
  • Free of chlorine bleaching, fragrance, lotion, parabens, and EU 26 allergens 
  • 12 Hour leak protection
  • Adorable prints on the diapers
  • Wetness indicator 
  • Hypoallergenic 
  • Absorbent liner made with plant-based polypropylene fibers to keep wetness away from skin
  • Outer shell made with polypropylene, polyethylene, and polyester to keep wetness locked in
  • Sizes Newborn to size 6

Perfectly Soft and Safe for Newborns

These natural diapers are cheaper than bamboo diapers without compromising. They also have more sizes available. Like bamboo diapers, these disposable diapers are gentler without harsh chemicals to prevent skin irritations. For families who try hard to keep harsh chemicals away from their baby, these may be a win. 

Made by Pampers, these newborn diapers are great for parents who want a name brand and known quality. The diapers have excellent tabs and stretch around the legs to tailor fit to most babies.

Finally, the top of the diaper is soft and moveable even around the belly button to keep the baby’s cord from irritation as well. 

Strange Smell and Some Leaks

Despite the claims of no chemicals, some customers found a strong chemical smell inside the package. As with all other diapers, some parents experienced leaking. This could be because of the wrong size or because the diapers need to be changed more often.

Overall, these diapers were a bit more disappointing to parents than the bamboo brands but of the top three brands, these are the only natural diapers available. 

Pampers Cruisers Diapers

Pampers Cruisers Disposable Diapers Size 3, 92 Count, SUPER

If your baby is active and crawling around the floor, you may want Pampers Cruisers. These disposable diapers are made with active babies in mind. Diapers do not stay on quite the same with a moving baby as opposed to a still baby. Moms will love transitioning from Pampers Swaddler’s to Pampers Cruisers to continue using the top-performing brand. 


  • Designed for active babies
  • 3-Way fit to adapt to your baby’s waist, legs, and tushie 
  • Keep baby dry for up to 12 hours
  • Easy to use tabs
  • Does not have a wetness indicator
  • Seals around baby’s leg to prevent leaks
  • Soft and stretchy sides
  • Great for nighttime use
  • Distributes wetness evenly to protect baby’s skin
  • Sizes 3-7 for 16 lbs and over 35 lbs

Protects Crawling Babies with Tight Fit

Moms who want a strong diaper that absorbs for longer periods with no leakage should give Pampers Cruisers a try if Swaddlers do not work once their baby starts crawling. My son started crawling at six months on the nose and the diapers that used to work just fine started leaking with the strain of keeping up with his new movements. 

These particular diapers seal around the baby’s legs, tush, and waist to keep liquid safely guarded inside. Overall, these diapers stretch very well even at night making this a great option for overnight use. The easy-to-use tabs make diapering easier for mom too.

Finally, because these are meant for crawlers and walkers, they start at size three to accommodate even early walkers. 

Strong Scent and Questionable Quality

Some parents have noticed a general decline in the quality of these diapers since use with previous children. A few parents also seemed upset to find the diapers no longer sport Sesame Street characters.

Other minor issues include a mild fragrance some families will find unpleasant.

Also, these diapers do not include a wetness indicator. You will have to catch your little one to check if their diaper is wet.

Finally, a small number of parents found these best diapers leaked despite all of the safeguards. 

Pampers Splashers Swim Diapers 

Swim Diapers Size 4 (20-33 lb) - Pampers Splashers Disposable Swim Pants, Medium, Pack of 2 (Twinpack), 18 Count

Time for a swim with Pampers Splashers Swim Diapers. Take your little one to the beach, the community swimming pool, or the lake, and don’t worry about your baby or toddler leaving little “presents” in the water. 

Although, do note that, unlike the Huggies Little Swimmers, these do not have adjustable sizes.

Read below for all of the features packed into these little diapers.


  • Sizes small, medium, and large for 13 to over 32 pounds
  • Disposable diapers for swimming
  • The Diapers do not swell in the water like regular disposable diapers
  • Dual Leak-Guards stay snug around your baby’s legs to keep messes in
  • 360 Degree stretchy waistband for a snug fit
  • Sides tear easily for quick removal 

Best Swim Diaper

The Pampers Splashers are more affordable than the Huggies swim diapers and hold up much longer as well. The bands fit snuggly around your baby to keep the diaper on your baby. What good is a diaper that will not stay on the hips?

Because they do not expand in the water, these diapers give you some measure of peace knowing your baby will not make a mess in the pool or lake that no one else will want to swim in. The fun colors will appeal to your baby.

Finally, the pack comes with enough in for a full-day adventure or even two or more!

Waist is Hard to Adjust

These diapers are not meant for babies over 13 pounds and if you want them smaller, you may want to try Huggies Little Swimmers as they adjust around the waist better. Most babies aren’t ready for a swim before they weigh 13 pounds but some moms may want to take their babies in sooner. 

Swim diapers are designed to hold pee and poo in while in water. They are not designed to hold in pee or poo when out of the water. This means – with any swim diaper – the minute you exit the pool, the diapers can leak. Be prepared to change your child immediately. 

Lastly, these diapers are pull-ups, despite being for infants. This is not a fun prospect for an infant! Huggies have movable sides but not reliability. With my own children, the Pampers worked much better at keeping my kids dry with no leaks in the water than Huggies. I did wish for the best of both worlds though and wish Pampers would fix the sides. 

How These Diapers Compare

Diaper Deals

We understand that when it comes to buying a baby product over, and over, and over, finding a great deal is a wonderful thing. Other than diaper sales that may pop up occasionally, there are other ways to get a deal on diapers. For example, buying in bulk typically reduces your cost per diaper which ultimately costs you less. Another idea is to look for digital coupons on store websites and apps before you purchase.

FAQs – Baby Diapers

How long will my baby wear diapers?

Babies wear diapers until they are potty trained. The age of potty training is different for every baby. Some parents begin potty training at birth and end up using very few diapers but this process almost requires a parent at home and ready to carry the baby to the potty at any moment.

Other kids don’t potty train until they are married. Okay, that’s a joke but seriously, to a mom who is sick of changing diapers, it feels like those four years are forever!

Most children are ready to potty train between the ages of 2 and 3 with some very precocious children ready at about a year and a half. This all depends on the child. Some babies – for me my girls – were ready when they were younger because they hated being dirty. My son was four before he was completely trained because he didn’t care even a bit if he was wet or dry.

Each baby has a different sensor. 

How many diapers will my baby use per day?

In the beginning, newborns tend to make messes more often than older babies. You should plan for up to twenty diapers a day for the first month. Not every baby will use this many diapers but some will.

By the time the baby gets a bit older they will probably use around 12 diapers a day max. If you pay attention to when your baby goes you might notice a schedule but not all babies are this reliable. 

When the baby is about a month old, you may want to keep a journal of when your baby messes a diaper to find their pattern to help you plan better. I only did this with my youngest and only because we used the potty and cloth diapers at home because she had sensitive skin.

Also, I wanted her to know from a young age what the potty was for. With the journal, we had my youngest down to four diaper changes a day at six months. She practically peed based on the clock. 

Should I change my baby’s diaper before or after feeding?

Wait until after your baby has eaten to change your baby unless they are visibly wet.

Babies do not enjoy mealtime as well with a wet diaper. However, infants may pee after a meal because of a full belly.

Overall though, change your baby when they are wet, and the sooner the better. A wet bottom could mean a diaper rash and no baby wants a rash. 

What are the best overnight diapers? 

The purpose of overnight diapers is to keep your baby dry all night long and so you can sleep longer too.

If your baby has sensitive skin or tends to get diaper rashes, make sure to change your baby’s diaper at least once at night.

For more information on the best overnight diapers, read our review. You can also find out if Huggies or Pampers offer a better overnight diaper. 

What are the best diapers for leaking? 

The best way to ensure diapers do not leak is to frequently change your baby. Babies should not stay in wet diapers for very long so once the diaper is wet, change the diaper. This will prevent leaking too.

Make sure to get an absorbent diaper. Remember that bamboo tends to be more absorbent than cotton. If you would rather stick with a traditional brand, try Huggies Little Snugglers for smaller infants or Pampers Cruisers for older babies who tend to leak more. 

How do I stop a baby from pooping up her back?

Blowouts are part of the package with babies. Because their digestive systems are so small, sometimes there isn’t enough space to store everything and the baby sends it shooting out quickly.

Not one diaper exists today that can contain a baby blowout. The best bet is to watch your baby for signs and be ready to change your baby immediately.

Even better, avoid the giant mess and if you see the normal signs of your baby about to relieve herself, place her over the toilet and let the toilet take care of the mess. 

Do make sure also that you have the right size diaper on your baby. If the diaper is too small it will not catch as much mess and you will leak sooner. Also, try some BabyBackups Diaper Extender Pads to contain messes as well. Try the Bambo diapers above, too, as many parents suggest these diapers for blowouts. 

What are the best diapers for crawlers?

Pampers Cruisers are the best diaper for crawlers. They were specially made to move with babies and contain everything the baby puts out.

If you are a Huggies fan, their Huggies Little Movers diapers are great at keeping up with a busy baby.

I found Pull-ups worked better than diapers because they were pull-on’s and something about pulling them on made them fit better.

Once the baby starts moving, the messes move with baby. The fun comes when the baby can “help” spread the mess with their hands. 

How tight should a diaper be on my baby?

Diapers should be snug but not leave lines on your baby. Keep the diaper close to the skin but make sure you can put a finger in between the diaper and the baby both at the legs and at the waist. You do not want to cut off circulation or make the baby uncomfortable. Older babies will even take diapers off if they are uncomfortable. 

How do I treat diaper rashes?

The stores are full of diaper pastes. The best I have found is Boudreaux’s Butt Paste Diaper Rash Ointment With Natural Aloe. The best way to treat diaper rashes though is to prevent them by not keeping wet diapers on a baby’s skin. 

You can check out some more great diaper rash cream options in our article.

I wish I had known then babies could be allergic to diapers and that switching to cloth diapers would have been a better option. 

What are the best baby wipes?

Baby wipes are about the most helpful item in the world. WaterWipes Sensitive Baby Wipes are the gentlest wipes available but a little more expensive than other wipes. Find out if Huggies or Pampers Sensitive wipes are a better option for your baby if you would prefer a name brand. 

Pampers v Huggies: Which One is Better? 

Based on the thousands upon thousands of reviews that we’ve looked at, more parents prefer Pampers.

Why? Pampers offer better comfort and Huggies drops the ball on their elastic. While Huggies does have a pocketed back to try to contain blowouts, they aren’t 100% effective and the extra material can be irritating for some babies. Pampers has a smooth back, which is much more comfortable for babies.

Lastly, Pampers has a pure diaper available for earth-conscious moms and Huggies does not. In general, Pampers has more options to choose from when it comes to wipes and disposable diapers. 

One thing to note about Pampers diapers is that their regular diapers are scented and do include a fragrance (per the Pampers website). Some mommies love it, while some mommies hate it. Huggies has no scent. Also, if your child has sensitive skin, the fragrance in Pampers could irritate their skin. 


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