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Best Wooden Swing Sets for Your Backyard

Want to get your kid out of your hair, out of your kitchen, and get them some good, old-fashioned Vitamin D straight from the sun? Well, then you need to get yourself a swing set! Wooden swing sets are great because they don’t get hot or bend like metal ones, and they look a lot nicer!

If you are looking for a fun quality swing set for your children, check out our thoroughly researched and reviewed list of the best wooden swing sets and pick your favorite.

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Best Wooden Swing Sets

The Backyard Discovery Skyfort II All Cedar Wood Swing Set is the granddaddy of swing sets with many features such as a fort with crow’s nest, wave slide, picnic table, monkey bars, and so much more, while the Backyard Discovery Mount McKinley All Cedar Wood Swing Set is more compact with a few less features but still offers a tarp covered fort, a rope ladder, a trapeze swing, and an 8 foot slide.

Backyard Discovery Skyfort II All Cedar Wood Swing Set

Backyard Discovery, Skyfort II Playground Cedar Wood Swing Set with Playhouse Fort, Sandbox, Picnic Table, Slide, Monkey Bars, Swings, Rock Climber, Outdoor Playset for kids Age 3-10 years

The Backyard Discovery Skyfort II All Cedar Wood Swing Set is the best wooden swing set for children as young as three and as big as ten.

You can rest assured that you will get many years of play out of this all cedar wooden set because it has been tested and proven to be rot resistant.  The tight knot design is unique and helps to keep knots from developing into cracks.


It will certainly be a challenge for your kiddos to get bored with this set.  There are so many different features to check out.  One of the standout features is the spacious upper fort that leads to the crow’s nest at the top of the swing set.  In the huge clubhouse, your kids can enjoy looking out the windows and enjoy a little shade under the covered entryway.  There is even a bay window!  Some parents were happy that even the grown-ups could stand up in the fort without ducking or bending down. Because the clubhouse stays dry when it rains, you could put a little furniture and outdoor carpet to make it a bit cozier and more personalized.

Included is a ten-foot wavelike slide, a picnic table that seats four children, a lower play deck, and even an area for a sandbox!

There is a ladder to climb to the upper components of the swing set but there is also a super cool rock wall that leads to the upper fort clubhouse.

The strong swing beam holds the included standard belt swings and a glider made for two children to enjoy.  In terms of safety, the steel clam-shell brackets are designed for longs days of swinging fun without worry.

Lastly, this wooden swing set just might be the best because it’s a swing set with monkey bars to help your kids not only have a blast but to grow in strength.

Some parent feedback said that it works best for younger children under six years old, especially with the swings being somewhat close to the ground.


Users (aka parents) suggest getting someone to help you with assembling this swing set.  It is helpful that each piece of lumber is cut and stamped with the part number for clarity on the building process. Make note that some pilot-hole drilling may be required during installation.  The manufacturer has a unique Safe-T-Fuse design for the hardware which helps makes assembly easier and more secure.

Some parents said it took several days to fully assemble this wooden swing set.  Some also noted that the included directions were not as clear as they could have been, which meant it took time to decipher the next steps.

Overall, parent reviews showed that this swing set is a very well-built, sturdy structure, and the gets you the biggest play area for this price point.

Backyard Discovery Mount McKinley All Cedar Wood Swing Set

Backyard Discovery Mount McKinley All Cedar Wood Swing Set, Playground for All Kids Age 3-10, Rock Wall, Wave Slide, Fort, Double Rock Climber and Rope

If you are looking for the best wooden swing set for your family that will not take up the entire backyard, Backyard Discovery Mount McKinley All Cedar Wood Swing Set is a great option.  While a compact swing set, your kids will not miss out on the fun with this choice. 


The upper fort is covered by a green tarp, making for an open-air playhouse made with your kids in mind.  In the playhouse area, there is a telescope and steering wheel. With just a bit of imagination, the upper fort can be a big ship or a fast race car.  A standard ladder is part of the wooden swing set. That’s how children access the upper fort.

Included with the set are two standard belt swings and a swing trapeze bar for loads of swinging fun. Additionally, the eight-foot slide is not just safe, but an exciting feature.  It will be hard to get bored with the rope ladder and rock climbing wall challenging your kids with each step.   The rope ladder is also a challenging component to enjoy.

The Mount McKinley wooden swing set is made from 100% cedar. Like the other Backyard Discovery sets, it is designed to be weather resistant as well as resistant to simple natural decay that can happen over time.  Also, you do not need to worry about cracks developing around the knots.   Any parts of this set that are not made of wood are made with UV-resistant plastic components.

All Backyard Discovery sets meet or exceed the toughest safety standards by ASTM so that your kids have loads of worry-free fun.


The manufacturer says that assembly requires two moderately skilled people and approximately 18-24 hours. It is helpful that the lumber is pre-stained as well as cut and stamped with the part number to help with installation. You will likely need some of your own power tools as some pilot-hole drilling may be needed.

You will assemble this set with the included high strength steel brackets that connect at each major joint.

Several reviews stressed the need for more than one person to assemble this set, which is common with wooden swing sets.  While the installation was involved and time-consuming, parents noted that the pieces aligned perfectly and properly.

Some parents suggest taking the time to make yourself familiar with the thirty-page instruction manual and each of the parts to make for a smoother installation. They stressed that organization will help with the assembly. Conveniently, all required pieces and hardware are included with the set purchase.

If you don’t have the experience, help, or tools need, you make want to take Amazon’s offer to build it for you.  Once fully assembled, the dimensions of the Mount McKinley wooden swing set is 15-‘6 L x 12′-6″ D x 9′-11″ H 4’ height.  Families with smaller yards will likely love this swing set.

Gorilla Playsets Mountaineer Treehouse Swing Set

Gorilla Playsets 01-0053-AP Mountaineer Treehouse Wood Swing Set with Wood Roof, Tube Slide, and Rock Wall, Amber

Not sure if you want to add a playhouse or a treehouse to your backyard? With the Mountaineer Treehouse Swing Set from Gorilla Playsets, you can have both!


If I take the time to list out each and every feature, we’ll be here for hours! And you’ll need that precious time to build and install this beast. So let’s just hit the highlight reel, shall we?

  • A long, spiral, covered slide on the top platform
  • Main platform with tic-tac-toe, steering wheel, and telescope toy
  • Alpine wave slide 
  • Rock wall
  • Ladder
  • Climbing rope ladder
  • Picnic bench area under the main platform
  • Main beam with 3 swing areas; comes with 2 belt swings and a trapeze swing

Phew! That’s not to mention that this entire swing set is made with premium cedarwood, which is naturally resistant to insect damage, rot, and decay. Gorilla Playsets recommends using a sealant to cover the swing set to keep it looking great and lasting for a long time.


You get all the required cedar lumber and hardware. Tools you will need include a drill, pliers, screwdriver, hammer, 1/8″ drill bit, adjustable wrench, 1/2″ and 7/16″ sockets, Phillips bit, carpenter square, safety glasses, and a tape measure. For ease of installation, it has all been pre-cut, pre-sanded, and pre-stained. Only the main beams have been pre-drilled. 

Overall time to install is expected to be 12-16 hours, but as previous buyers have said — totally worth it.

Backyard Discovery Oakmont All Cedar Wood Playset Swing Set

The Backyard Discovery Oakmont All Cedar Wood Playset Swing Set is a budget-friendly wooden swing set.  It is designed for children three years and up.


The upper clubhouse is unique with a fabric roof you can update on a whim and several lovely windows to make it look like home.  Your little ones and big kids can enjoy a picnic at the cafe table and bench or get strong and confident climbing across this swing set with monkey bars.  Kids can use the ladder to climb to the top.  The lower clubhouse has a real working door. This is a really cute part of this wooden swing set where your children can use their imagination for hours of fun play!  Included are two belt swings for one or two children at a time.  The wave slide is extra deep with high rails, which makes for a fun ride for kids of different ages.

A wood construction means this swig set will last for years. The swings use metal chains for longevity and security. Kids can use this set for fun playdates or entertain themselves.

Either way, children will spend hours of imaginative play. Add in a sandbox or water table to encourage even more fun outdoors. 


Backyard Discovery brags about their craftsmanship and their focus on details.  When you select this as the best wooden swing set for your family, you receive 100% premium cedar lumber that will need to be assembled.  Everything comes in several boxes.  Parents say that the assembly wasn’t too complicated and could even be done by one person if absolutely necessary.  It will certainly go smoother with at least two people pitching in for the installation.

Some parents mentioned that the included instructions could have been clearer, but overall, this budget-friendly wooden swing set gets rave reviews from families.

Swing-N-Slide Wooden Swing Set from Gorilla Playsets

Gorilla Playsets 01-1064-Y Outing Wood Swing Set with Green Vinyl Canopy and Trapeze Arm - Yellow Slide
The Swing-N-Slide Play and Swing Sets   is also a budget-friendly option for a great wooden swing set for your family.  It is recommended for children as young as three-years-old and up to eleven-years-old.


This wooden swing set comes with many similar features to the Backyard Discovery Mount McKinley set.  It might work great for your family because it’s quite affordable for all that is included.   The upper fort is covered by a green tarp, making for an awesome open-air playhouse.  There are many hours of play waiting for your children in this covered play fort.

Included in your wooden swing set are two swings, a wave slide, a rock climbing wall, a built-in sandbox area, a climbing rope, and a trapeze bar.  It is helpful that the swing chains have a soft rubber plastic coating.  This is great to help prevent from fingers getting pinched and it also keeps the swing chains from getting too hot on summer days.  The stations can accommodate any standard size swing component, which means there are multiple playset configurations, depending on the extras you purchase.  We added accessories like a steering wheel, telescope, safety handles, and more. 

In terms of safety, this wooden swing set meets and/or exceeds all the American Society of Testing Materials (ASTM) safety standards for residential playsets.

You will certainly appreciate the solid 4 x 4 wood framing in addition to the 4 x 6 swing beam.  This heavy-duty construction is very helpful if several children will be enjoying this swing set at the same time. In fact, this wooden swing set will safely allow for a weight capacity of up to 800 pounds.  The lumber is cedar and it naturally resists insect damage, rot, and decay.


You will likely want some additional manpower to assemble this wooden swing set.  Conveniently, all of the needed hardware is included with your set.  The pre-sanded, pre-stained, and pre-cut lumber is also included. The main beams are pre-drilled for easier assembly. You will also receive a step-by-step instructional booklet with pictures and drawings.

Some parents said it took around twenty hours to assemble and install this set with two people working on the installation.

Best Swing Sets for Toddlers

The Cedar Summit  Ainsley Swing Set includes enough features to entertain a little one for hours, especially with its very reasonable price tag.  The Swing-N-Slide Ranger Wooden Swing Set is the most basic swing set with only swings, however, for a higher cost you can add a slide to the set.

Cedar Summit Ainsley Swing Set

If you want something on the simple side, you’ll love this Ainsley Ready to Assemble Wooden Swing Set by Cedar Summit. It has the three things that are sure to keep any child entertained: a swing, a slide, and a sandbox. Plus, this small swing set much less expensive than other options.


You’ll get premium cedar lumber to build the base. It’s not top-quality lumber, but it gets the job done and will certainly hold up for several years. You’ll also get all the hardware that you need to put this together.

As for the fun stuff, it has a slick, but not-too-fast wave slide with high side rails. You get up to the slide platform by climbing a short rock wall with bright colored rocks. Once you get to the slide deck, it becomes a tiny little clubhouse complete with a bright colored canopy roof and a chalkboard wall. Be warned, though- the chalkboard is actually made from tarp and is pretty useless as an actual chalkboard.

At the very bottom, underneath the playhouse area, is a small sandbox. It has deep wooden sides to keep the sand where it belongs. Off the main beam, there are 2 rubber swings hung with rope. Basic, but still fun. That’s about all there is to this wooden backyard playset!


Since it’s a basic swing set, it has a pretty basic setup. It will take one adult about 6 hours to set up, but if you have 2 adults, you can probably get it done in about 4 hours, max. All the parts are labeled clearly and go together relatively easily. Just be ready with a drill and some Gatorade.

Swing-N-Slide Ranger Wooden Swing Set

Swing-N-Slide PB 8375 Ranger Plus Wooden Swing Set with Swings, Climbing Wall, Canopy and Slide, Green

The term “swing set” can be deceiving. For some, it means a full playhouse and swing set combo with all the bells and whistles. But if your line of thinking is a bit more simple, then the Swing-N-Slide Ranger Wooden Swing Set is the perfect simple swinging spot. 


There’s not a whole lot to talk about feature-wise. This simple swing set has a solid all-wood frame with metal hardware. The finished swing set measures 104″L x 92″W x 82″H. 

There’s a spot for three swings. This set includes two regular plastic swings and a trapeze bar. All three of these swings have no-pinch metal chains that have been coated on the lower portion with Plastisol so that they won’t rust or hurt little hands. Each swing can support 115 pounds. 

You can customize this swing set with any swings you choose, so long as you don’t overload the weight limit and tip it over!

Overall, this is an ideal setup for a small backyard. It’s a great basic wooden swing set and it can make a great addition to an already-existing playhouse in your yard. 


The great news is that this simple set is very easy to put together. All of the cedar lumber pieces are pre-cut and pre-drilled. You simply create the A-frame swing set using the metal support pieces and it’s ready to go!

The included instructions are fully illustrated to help avoid any confusion. It should only take you a couple of hours to set up. 

Backyard Discovery Beach Front All Cedar Wooden Swing Set

Backyard Discovery Belmont All Cedar Wood Playset Swing Set Green

If you want a break from the whole “redwood and green accent” theme, then get the Backyard Discovery Beach Front Wooden Swing Set. With bright blue and yellow gracing everything from the swings to the slide to the upper deck, your kids will love the bright, summery colors and you’ll love that they love it. 


While it’s not bright-red-stained, the wood featured is still 100% cedar. The wood is selected to have a tight knot structure so that you don’t get big cracks or holes in the playset. Each piece is pre-stained, pre-cut, and stamped with a part number so that it’s ready for assembly.

This playset has 2 levels of fun. The upper deck is accessible by a rock wall ladder. On the top, you’ll find a small platform to help your children get to the swing.  The top-level is closed in on two sides for extra safety and has a ladder on the other side to help your kid get up to the swing if they don’t want to use the rock wall. 

The only way down is back down the ladder or down the 8-foot speedy slide. The bumps in the slide are made to help your child zoom down quickly.

Next, the affordable set offers a trapeze swing, slide, and even a sandbox! Underneath the slide, you have a fabulous area to add some sand and provide shaded fun with shovels and buckets. It’s the perfect set to keep kids busy for hours. 

Also extending out from the playset is a full swing set. It features two regular swings and an acrobat balance bar that’s low enough to offer fun without adding danger. You can mix and match the different swings in different spots, or even add a different swing if you need to. 

The simple set is ready to sit in your backyard and adds hours of fun for tons of kids. It’s a great option for parents or even people with a daycare in their home. A little shade even helps kids to avoid some sun damage.

Always monitor kids when they are playing on the swing set and make sure they don’t flip the swings. 


Here’s the part you are going to love. This wooden playset is compatible with the BILT App. What’s that, you ask? Oh, it’s just a nifty little app with interactive instructions to walk you seamlessly and correctly from step to step for a perfectly put-together playset. You can also access your warranty and customer service within the app. 

Like I mentioned before, each piece is cut and stained and stamped, and ready to go. You may have to drill some pilot holes, but otherwise, the drilling of the wood is minimal. The Safe-T-Fuse hardware that is included is exclusive to the Backyard Discovery brand. It is designed to make the playset safe and the installation easier. 

The whole playset measures in at about a 16.4 x 7.3 x 7.10-feet and weighs 146 pounds. You’ll want to give a few feet around it on all sides to make sure that the features can all be used safely. 


Creative Playthings Swing Set

Creative Playthings Eastport Wooden Swing Set (Made in The USA) for Ages 2 to 8 Years, Includes Kids Climbing Wall, Playground Swings and Slide, 15 x 12 x 10 ft

Would you prefer a wooden swing set that’s made in the USA? If so, this Creative Playthings Swing Set has you covered. 


Included on this swing set is a rock wall with a knotted rope, step ladder, an 8-foot wave slide, 2 swings, and 1 trapeze swing. Bright yellow safety handles help guide children up the swing set when they climb the rock wall or ladder.

Made with Southern Yellow Pine Lumber, this wooden swing set includes a 10-year limited warranty on wooden parts and a 1-year warranty on all other parts. Creative Playthings stands by its USA-made swing set and its longevity. Past buyers have said this swing set feels like a high-quality set and has a better value than other swing sets on the market.


Each piece of lumber is pre-drilled and cut to length to make installation much easier. The wood is stained with Sherwin Williams water-repellant stain, helping to protect it for an even longer period of time. 

Comparing the Best Wooden Swing Sets

The table below compares only the recommended products on this page. A low or high Price means it is low or high compared to the other products listed. The Popularity Score reflects how often readers click on and buy the product. The Quality Score is our assessment of the overall performance and satisfaction with the product compared to others in the table.

Wooden Swing Set Buyer’s Guide

There are so many styles of wooden swing sets out there. As a parent, how do you even start to pick? And you can’t ask your kids for advice, because they’ll look for the biggest one they can find and ask for that one. But beyond the fun features, you’ll need to make sure that some other quality things are in place to make sure you are getting the best wooden swing set for your backyard.

  • Size: What is the footprint of the backyard swing set that you are buying? Many people underestimate how big most of these wooden swing sets really are! Measure first, and always leave 6 feet or more around each side to allow for a safe play space. And don’t forget the slide- measure for it too!
  • Materials: The best wooden swing sets have pre-cut, pre-stained, pre-treated, and pre-drilled premium cedar lumber. Anything less than that means lesser quality and more time and energy from you. Also, make sure that the metal hardware has been treated to be rust-proof, and that all materials are safe for use by kiddos, meaning no harmful chemicals used.
  • Installation: How long does your swing set take to put together? Some can be done in a few hours, while some take a few days, while still others might take a few weeks. Unless you are a professional contractor with an engineering degree and 6 hands, it will probably take a bit of time and effort. Make sure they have good manuals and all the parts to help you in your endeavor.
  • Warranty: One year? Ten years? The longer the warranty, the better the product (in most cases). If your swing set will be subject to the elements, make sure that won’t void the warranty.
  • Age and Weight Limits: Smaller swing sets have lower weight limits. Look at the suggested weight and age limits before you buy. Also consider how many kids you have, and how many neighbor children the swing set is likely to attract. And it never hurts to buy up- they’ll outgrow it slower and it’ll last longer.

FAQs for Wooden Swing Sets

What do you put under your backyard swing set?

Selwood Products Highlander Wooden Climbing Frame

There are a lot of choices for what to put under a swing set. Pick anything that allows for water to drain properly. Most importantly, pick something that will absorb impact and create a softer surface in case your child should fall. Some good choices are:

  • Pea gravel
  • Wood mulch
  • Sand
  • Rubber tiles
  • Good old grass!

How do you level a swing set?

While you may choose not to do this, it does make a big difference in how sturdy your swing set is. This is particularly important for smaller swing sets. You’ll basically want to use a carpenter’s level to check the ground to make sure that your swing set is level throughout. It’s a good extra step to take so that the swings swing the right way.

What’s the best swing set for toddlers?

There isn’t one best swing set for toddlers.

Overall, pick one where there aren’t any very high places. Also, look for open areas where your still-unsteady toddler could fall out of the swing set.

If you have only a toddler, a basic and small swing set, like the Cedar Summit Ainsley is probably best. Be sure to add on one of the best toddler swings.

Do I have to re-stain or re-treat a wooden swing set?

After a few years of wear and tear, from both kids and the elements, the stain on your wooden swing set will need to be redone. Just like a wooden fence or deck, you need to keep the stain or treatment on your wooden swing set fresh so that it looks better and is better protected.

Can I add on to a wooden swing set?

Yes! That’s one of the more fun aspects of a wooden swing set- you don’t have to be a welder to make it larger. You can just look up some fun ideas for creating your own wooden swing set attachments. This makes it easy to make the playset more fun as your kiddos grow and need new and challenging aspects to play with. It’s also a great way to expand small swing sets.



  1. 34 Free DIY Swing Set Plans for Your Kids' Fun Backyard Play Area, morningchores.com

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