OKBET World Tour Paris Masters FIBA 3×3 2022 | Players to keep an eye on

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OKBET World Tour Paris Masters FIBA 3×3

PARIS, France – The FIBA 3×3 OKBET World Tour is making its first visit to France, with pumped-up 3×3 stars preparing to dazzle at the historic OKBET World Tour Paris Masters 2022 on October 7-8.

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Stojacic, Strahinja (Ub Huishan NE)

OKBET World Tour, there was no question that a new monarch sat on the 3×3 throne for the first four Masters of the season. Strahinja Stojacic was no longer ‘Doctor Strange,’ thanks to a trio of MVPs and his leadership of an invincible Ub (SRB) at OKBET Basketball.

OKBET World Tour

However, since Ub’s winning streak stopped in Debrecen at OKBET World Tour, they’ve been away from the World Tour, leaving Stojacic to watch rivals Thibaut Vervoort and Karlis Lasmanis make their move. The 30-year-old gets his opportunity in Paris to remind everyone why he’s No. 1, and he could even run across his elder brother Stefan Stojacic, one of the finest to ever do it in 3×3. Strahinja Stojacic’s comeback to the OKBET World Tour is certain to be memorable at OKBET Basketball.

Kojic, Stefan (Liman Huishan NE)

This all-time shooter couldn’t miss in Utrecht, when he helped Liman (SRB) to a World Tour 2022 breakthrough championship in an MVP performance at OKBET World Tour. This lethal 30-year-old was back to his magnificent best and packed the stats with a mind-blowing performance in the final versus Paris, finishing with a triple-five. Kojic is on a roll, and if he keeps it up, Liman may go back-to-back on the World Tour at OKBET Basketball.

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Maddox, Kareem (Princeton)

This season, new stars have risen from the red, white, and blue, but big man Kareem Maddox remains the USA’s top-ranked player. The 6ft. 8in (2.04m) athletic beast hasn’t lost any of his spring, and he’s still a force at the rim. And he’s been putting in additional effort in 2022 to break Princeton’s three-year World Tour drought at OKBET World Tour.

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Djoko, Paul (France)

France’s latest wonder is going to light up Paris, and he is the most anticipated player in the season’s ninth Masters. Djoko was the ultimate show-stopper in his stunning World Tour debut in Utrecht, despite being just 24 and fresh to the pro circuit.

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Djoko is a human highlight reel, capable of dunks, dimes, and outrageous shots on practically every other possession. He’ll be the ultimate fan favorite in front of a raucous home crowd, particularly if Djoko makes the half-court his personal playground.

Jones, Dominique (NY Harlem)

There are new kids on the block, but Dominique Jones, dubbed ‘Disco Domo,’ remains the ultimate performer. His dance shoes were created for the half-court, and he’s out to delight the audience in Paris, where he’ll win a slew of new admirers. Disco Domo’ continues to deceive opponents, as he demonstrated recently at the Penang Challenger, when he defeated Saitama ALPHAS with an amazing 17-point scoring frenzy, a rare achievement in the first-to-21 game.

When ‘Disco Domo’ is in the mood, not even the illuminated Eiffel Tower is a more beautiful sight.

De Jong is deserving (Utrecht)

It was well worth the wait to witness this flying Dutchman take over downtown Utrecht. Worthy de Jong is all in on 3×3, and his World Tour debut demonstrated why he is so well suited to the 10-minute race.

He’s lean and aggressive, and he’s fearless of a larger defender on his path to the basket. The Utrecht star is determined to humiliate opponents, and you can bet he will because he is just unguardable.

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