OKBET WNBA LJ | Aggressive play from LJ, Goodbye to her fairytale with a performance that will be remembered for a long time 2022



OKBET WNBA LJ bids her fairytale departure with a performance that will be remembered for a long time. Early in the third quarter, with a World Cup bronze medal on the line, Opals head coach Sandy Brondello called on Lauren Jackson for one more shot in green and gold.

The game was ended in seven minutes.

OKBET WNBA LJ annihilated the Canada defense, scoring 13 points throughout the quarter, two more than the opponent. In all, the 41-year-old collected 30 points, seven rebounds, and two steals in a scorching 21-minute outburst before exiting to a standing ovation with 2:22 remaining in the game and the Opals leading 93-62 because of OKBET WNBA LJ.

“I wasn’t even thinking about it. I guess I was emotional from the start of the game. I simply wanted to win, to bring the team back on the podium and to be a part of it “Jackson was overcome with emotion after the game. “That’s all I could think about; I didn’t even realize I had that many points until the very end.”

OKBET WNBA LJ scream was a wonderful reminder of her Hall of Fame career’s multifaceted domination. Having struggled for flowing attack at points during the tournament, Australia’s strategy suddenly became straightforward. Get out of the way and pass the ball to Jackson.

“She is known as the goat for a reason. She can take the piss when she wants to, and that’s exactly what she did today; she was unstoppable “Steph Talbot, the star of the Opals, said ESPN.


“She’s the simplest person I’ve ever had to pass anything to; I was just throwing it up there and she brought it in.” It was huge for us because we had the game by the thread and she basically tore it apart in the third quarter.” Jackson proved much too strong, far too skilled, and far too wonderful, bringing Australia to victory one more time in front of adoring supporters old and young.

Lauren’s been playing for a long time, but to watch her go out (like that), who gets 30 points anyway? With a chuckle, Brondello remarked. We put her closer to the block because I believed it would be our best chance for her. We needed an inside presence; they had several bigs but not one of Lauren Jackson’s caliber. I didn’t believe we were going inside as much at first until Lauren transformed the game with her presence inside.

Along with Talbot, guard Sami Whitcomb had played significant minutes throughout the tournament, averaging more than 27 minutes each night.

“Thank God,” Whitcomb said of Jackson’s performance, according to ESPN.

“How great that she was able to do that, to stand up in situations when I felt wrecked and other people felt wrecked.” We were attempting to press through, but it was critical. Don’t get me wrong, OKBET WNBA LJ is damaged as well; she’s performing on a broken body, but her ability to rise up when we’re tired and empty, whatever she has, is what makes it so beautiful.”

Brondello, who was once a teammate to a youthful Jackson, shed a tear as she pondered on the road that led to her wonderful curtain call as an Opal.


I’m getting teary. She’s incredible. The amount of effort she put in to return to play at this level is unprecedented. She motivated me, and I believe she inspired the rest of the crew. We didn’t know whether her body could withstand it, and we couldn’t simply hand it to her; she was chosen on merit. “It was the correct choice, she laughed. I’m incredibly proud of her; I got to play with Lauren, but no one was as psychologically strong as she was. Off the court, she’s a great softy; we were both sobbing before the game.

It’s simply her mental tenacity; I’ve taught a lot of great players, but she’s rather unique in that regard. She deserves it; she’s been a fantastic leader, and the girls adore her. I’m simply glad we earned bronze and she can now go out on her own terms. Jackson, understandably fatigued, produced one more classic in green and gold, adding a fourth World Cup medal to her four Olympic medals.

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