OKBET NBA STAT LEADER ODDS FOR POINTS, REBOUNDS, AND ASSISTS FOR 2022 with their amazing play and aggressive game.



According to the most recent betting odds for OKBET NBA Stat Leader, gamblers could anticipate seeing many of the same category leaders in the 2022–23 season. The top NBA players often lead the league each season in statistics like points, assists, rebounds, blocks, and steals.


For the next season, which starts on October 19, the top basketball betting companies have released their annual NBA stat leader odds. Currently, James Harden (+275) is expected to top the NBA in assists, while Joel Embiid (+200) is the favorite to lead the league in points per game at OKBET NBA Stat Leader.

Joel Embiid+200
Giannis Antetokounmpo+275
Luka Doncic+550
Kevin Durant+650
Trae Young+800
LeBron James+1200
Jayson Tatum+1200
Ja Morant+1400
Bradley Beal+1400
Nikola Jokic+2200
Kyrie Irving+2200
Zion Williamson+2200
Steph Curry+2800
Damian Lillard+2800
DeMar DeRozan+2800
Devin Booker+3300

Why Is Embiid (+200) The Favorite To Be The OKBET NBA’s Leading Scorer?

The fact that the Sixers big man is now the NBA’s top scorer sets a high bar for him to surpass in 2022–23. He outperformed Giannis Antetokounmpo (29.9), Luka Doncic (28.4), and Trae Young (28.4) by a significant margin with a career-high record of 30.6 PPG last season of OKBET NBA Stat Leader.

The basketball’s highest-scoring big man by far was Joel Embiid. There is opportunity for a center or power forward to repeat as the league’s top scorer as clubs all across the league fully embrace the advantages of a stretch-four and stretch-five offensive configuration. The oddsboard predicts that Embiid, a respectable MVP contender, will succeed. Although the value is not bad at +200, we believe there is more money to be earned betting against the chalk.


(+650) Kevin Durant

I am aware of your thoughts. Durant has just spent the whole summer playing the diva card with the Nets head office, he is 34 years old, and his athleticism is diminishing. Yes, let’s agree to all of that. But the “Slim Reaper” makes up for his shortcomings off the court with his icy, hard baskets at OKBET NBA Stat Leader.


In his career, Durant has won the NBA single-season scoring crown four times. KD’s previous instance of it was in 2013–14, which is a very long time ago. However, KD’s scoring increased when playing for Brooklyn in 2021–22. Durant only participated in 55 games a year ago, but his 29.9 points per game would’ve equaled Giannis for second place. That year was pretty dang wonderful at OKBET NBA Stat Leader.

The 2022–23 KD season will be quite similar to the previous year’s competition. Ben Simmons will contribute, but it’s doubtful that he will deny Durant many chances to score. In fact, given how many minutes the small forward plays, Simmons’ presence and passing prowess may even boost Durant’s chances of scoring.

NBA Assists Per Game Odds

James Harden+275
Chris Paul+300
Tyrese Haliburton+400
Luka Doncic+700
Darius Garland+1100
Trae Young+1100
LaMelo Ball+1600
Dejounte Murray+1600
LeBron James+1600
Russell Westbrook+2200
Josh Giddey+4000
Kyle Lowry+4000
Ja Morant+4000
D’Angelo Russell+4000
Damian Lillard+4000

Why is James Harden (+275) the betting favorite to be the NBA’s assist leader?

Harden is a machine for dimes. The 33-year-old topped the league in 2015–16 while playing with the Rockets, averaging 11.2 assists per game, and has averaged at least 10 assists per game in each of the last two seasons.


It only makes sense to position Harden as the favorite to rack up assists as he feeds his teammate in Philly given that he is now on the court alongside Embiid at OKBET NBA Stat Leader, who is expected to score the most points. Although Harden’s days as a No. 1 option are finished, he has adapted well to his job as the setup man, which the bookmakers anticipate him to keep up in 2022–2023.

(+1 100) Trae Young

The fact that Young has such long odds against him leading the NBA in assists per game is startling. Since he first joined the league four years ago, “Ice Trae” has done nothing but distribute the basketball. Only once in his career has he averaged less than 9.0 assists per game, and it was in the season he had a career-high 9.7 assists.

Young is a player whose skills have become better yearly. He improved his field-goal % while losing a few PPG from his career high last season as a result of being a lot more effective scorer. The aid column should also be subject to exponential development.


The Hawks don’t have a ton of scorers lot distribute to, but we still see a squad with the ability to improve throughout the regular season. A year ago, Young was third in assists. We believe that at +1100, punters should bet heavily on him to win the 2022–23 assists crown.

NBA Rebounds Per Game Odds

Nikola Jokic+135
Rudy Gobert+325
Domantas Sabonis+400
Clint Capela+500
Joel Embiid+2000
Giannis Antetokounmpo+2000
Jonas Valanciunas+3300
Jarrett Allen+4000
Jusuf Nurkic+5000
Deandre Ayton+5000
Nikola Vucevic+5000
Anthony Davis+5000
Wendell Carter Jr.+5000
Bam Adebayo+5500
Robert Williams+

Why is Nikola Jokic (+135) the favorite to win the NBA rebounding title?

This is a fascinating one. Even though Jokic averaged 10 or more rebounds per game in four of his seven NBA seasons, he isn’t the current leader in this category. Although Rudy Gobert defeated the Serbian with an astounding 14.7 boards per game, the Serbian came close to winning the rebounding competition.


Gobert isn’t far behind in terms of odds (+325), but it seems that the bookmakers anticipate that his move to a crowded front court in Minnesota would severely affect his ability to grab rebounds, making Jokic the slight favorite.

(325) Rudy Gobert

Although cherry-picking from the top of the board is a little silly, Gobert is now the best option, even if +325 isn’t an incredible value at OKBET NBA Stat Leader.

No other player has come close to Gobert’s 3,885 total rebounds since the year 2019, solidifying the Frenchman’s place among the all-time NBA rebounding leaders (Jokic is second at 3,375). For three seasons in a row, he has been a serious threat on the boards, averaging more than 13 rebounds per game.


How he is used in the Timberwolves’ system is the greatest X factor in this selection. Will fellow big man Karl-Anthony Towns knock him out? Maybe, but not to the point where he falls from his resurrected throne. Gobert is very reliant on offensive rebounds. Given that KAT isn’t renowned for being as enraged on the offensive glass, we anticipate him to maintain that pace.

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