OKBET NBA Championship Odds: The Warriors Have the Tools to Repeat an Amazing Championship 2022

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OKBET NBA Championship Odds

We can almost taste the 2022-23 season on OKBET NBA Championship Odds. Teams are well into preseason play, so let’s take a look at the current NBA championship odds, which see the Boston Celtics drop to third following Ime Udoka’s suspension and the Warriors reclaim first place.

OKBET NBA Championship Odds

Another difficult summer has passed for the NBA, and OKBET NBA Championship Odds chances for the 2022-23 season are starting to emerge. The Boston Celtics dominated the bulk of betting lines over the summer, but uncertainty has knocked the defending Eastern Conference champions back down to earth. Coming into this season, the NBA championship is really anyone’s game, so let’s take a look at the newest odds to win it all.

OKBET NBA Championship Odds 2022-23

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OKBET NBA Championship Odds

Favorites for the NBA championship

Warriors of Golden State (+429 to +600)

The reigning champions begin next season atop the OKBET NBA Championship Odds board and might remain there despite some critical personnel choices. While Steph Curry remained Steph Curry, and Klay Thompson started to regain some of his former rhythm after missing two full seasons, Draymond Green had a dramatic downturn in the playoffs.

That trio is set to earn more than $114 million next season, putting the retention of their supporting cast in jeopardy given the luxury and repeater taxes Joe Lacob and company are paying for this squad. They’ve already lost Gary Payton II and Otto Porter, two key players in their championship run.

Still, the Warriors have deep pockets and are in a unique position to infuse young talent like James Wiseman, Jonathan Kuminga, and Moses Moody into an aging roster — speaking of which, Andre Iguodala is returning for another season — potentially unlocking new upside while keeping their veterans fresh for another title run.

(+454 to +650) Milwaukee Bucks

It’s easy to forget in the midst of all the current contenders, but the Bucks got the Boston Celtics to a Game 7 last year with Khris Middleton sidelined, and they have probably the finest basketball player alive, Giannis Antetokounmpo, returning as motivated as ever this season.

Milwaukee is running back its whole rotation and will benefit from both continuity and maybe a chip on its shoulder, as the 2021 champions get shockingly little media attention in the wide-open 2022 title battle.

The Bucks are an attacking powerhouse with the ability to pivot to defense when necessary. With Mike Budneholzer’s playoff nightmares exorcised, health is the only thing standing in the way of another long postseason run. Still, Middleton is not fully recovered and will most likely miss the start of the season after having surgery on his left wrist in the summer.

(+420 to +700) Boston Celtics

The Celtics were on the verge of clinching the deal after pulling off one of the most stunning mid-season turnarounds in NBA history at OKBET NBA Championship Odds. Boston, which was fighting for a play-in spot as recently as early February, ripped through the second half of the season like a buzzsaw, mowing down competitor after challenger with its fearsome defense.

Now, two weeks after being ranked as the betting favorites, the Celtics have dipped a little as a result of head coach Ime Udoka’s one-year ban for an illicit connection with a coworker. Joe Mazzulla has subsequently been designated temporary head coach of the club.

And, although the Celtics haven’t dropped dramatically — they still have the same team as a week ago, after all — their momentum has been rocked by the departure of the previous Coach of the Year odds leader for the season.

(+482 to +700) Los Angeles Clippers

Last season, the Clippers were plagued by injuries but still competed for the play-in game thanks to gutsy performances from their group of dynamic swingmen and a simply outstanding coaching effort from Ty Lue at OKBET NBA Championship Odds.

This season, they will not only reintroduce Kawhi Leonard, Paul George, and Norman Powell into the lineup, but they will also get a freeroll on the services of John Wall, a former All-NBA point guard who will enhance an already stacked rotation even more.

The Clippers may suddenly be the league’s deepest team, and with their All-World talent returning to run the show, their potential for 2022-23 can’t get much higher.

(+496 to +750) Brooklyn Nets

The Nets’ long-term prognosis has improved now that Kevin Durant’s temper tantrum is done and he’s ready to sleep in the bed he literally built for himself in Brooklyn. The Nets should be healthier than they were in 2021-22, with a less-distracting Kyrie Irving joining Durant and Ben Simmons to create an intriguing triumvirate of All-Star worthy players (assuming Simmons isn’t entirely injured).

Last season was a shambles for this club, but it was also a multi-faceted worst-case scenario that cannot be repeated this season.

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OKBET NBA Championship Odds
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