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OKBET Cebu Masters

OKBET Cebu Masters, the Philippines – The first-ever Cebu Masters will take place on October 1-2, as the FIBA 3×3 World Tour 2022 returns to the Philippines as the season comes to a close.Let’s take a closer look at the season’s eighth event.

Where do I go to watch the Cebu Masters?

The action will be streamed live on the FIBA 3×3 YouTube, Facebook, Sina Weibo, and Douyin sites from October 1-2.

In Cebu, who is competing?

Antwerp, Riga, Amsterdam HiPRO, Ulaanbaatar MMC Energy, Lausanne Sport, Jeddah, Sansar MMC Energy, Omaha 3Ball, Cebu Chooks, Utsunomiya BREX, Saitama ALPHAS, Manila Chooks, Doha QSC, Ludhiani INBL are seven of the top 15 teams in the international rankings at OKBET Cebu Masters.

Who are the frontrunners?

It’s a close race at the top, but we have to start with 3×3 legends Riga (LAT), who have regrouped and are back collecting Ws after winning in Montreal. Life was difficult without superstar Karlis Lasmanis, but his comeback has brought together four Olympic gold medalists who enjoy nothing more than competing and collecting medals at OKBET Cebu Masters.

OKBET Cebu Masters

The Latvians will be difficult to defeat, but they may have to overcome No.1 seed Antwerp (BEL), who have a World Tour monkey off their back after winning in Debrecen but falling short in Utrecht. The Belgians are looking for a turnaround in the Philippines after a disappointing Day One departure, but you’d expect them to make apologies in order to show the boisterous Filipino supporters what they’re made of at OKBET Cebu Masters.

No.3 seed Amsterdam HiPRO (NED) could be considered a favorite since these flying Dutchmen are always making deep runs. They’ll be more motivated after failing to fire in Utrecht, the Netherlands’ maiden World Tour tournament at OKBET Cebu Masters. Perhaps they grew too engrossed in the buzz and the strain became too much for them, but a more relaxed Amsterdam will be dangerous for opponents.

There will be several teams in Cebu that believe they can go all the way. In other words, there are a lot of clubs who are maybe just below the elite tier of the top three, but they would not be surprised if they won it all. Rising American team Omaha 3Ball (USA), and Mongolian teams Ulaanbaatar MMC Energy and Sansar MMC Energy, who both like playing in the Philippines and could benefit from a less arduous trip route from home. Jeddah (KSA) and Lausanne Sport (SUI) are further examples.

If you want dark horses, we’ll offer you a few of local heroes. Cebu Chooks and Manila Chooks will, of course, have crazy fan support, which might fuel a giant-killing run, albeit Manila must first qualify.

In Cebu, anticipate the unexpected.

Who are the most talented players?

There are a few candidates in OKBET Cebu Masters, with some shining well on the World Tour thus far, but we have to start with the guy who has been doing it for a long time – Karlis Lasmanis, who returned to 3×3 by winning the MVP in Montreal. Lasmanis, dubbed ‘Batman,’ has returned to his favored half-court, making sidekick Nauris Miezis even more dangerous, with ‘Robin’ able to alter gears depending on the scenario.

Thibaut Vervoort, often known as ‘Must See TV,’ has been threatening to dethrone Lasmanis, who was largely regarded as the finest 3×3 player after 2021 following a spectacular year in which he stole the show at the Tokyo Olympics.

With his combination of height, speed, and talent, the 24-year-old Belgian is one of the few players in the world capable of going toe-to-toe with Lasmanis. Dimeo van der Horst from Amsterdam can also cook, and this man has been angrier than Gordon Ramsay this season with huge scoring binges, topping the averages at an amazing 7.5ppg.

There have been thunderstorms in Cebu in the days leading up to the tournament, and it may continue to rain when Sansar’s Anand Ariunbold takes the field, while Ulaanbaatar’s Steve Sir should have carried an umbrella since no one splashes more from deep than this famed shooter.

We’ve compiled a couple of the greatest human highlight videos around. Malik Hluchoweckyj of Omaha, Giles Martin of Lausanne at OKBET Cebu Masters, and Tomoya Ochiai of Saitama will perform things you won’t think are possible with the Wilson.

While attempting to establish himself as the greatest magician of all time, local hero Mark Tallo will be attempting to exceed his show-stopping performance in Manila.

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OKBET Cebu Masters