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LeBron James Basketball Scoring Record Odds

LeBron James scoring record odds are surfacing ahead of the season, as the King is closing in on Kareem Abdul-33-year-old Jabbar’s mark. Find out if, when, and how it may happen as LeBron prepares to break one of the sport’s most illustrious records at OKBET Basketball.

LeBron James

LeBron James is on the verge of achieving perhaps the NBA’s most illustrious individual achievement, and bookies are cheering him on. The only viable contender to Kareem Abdul-lifetime Jabbar’s regular-season scoring mark is 1,325 points behind LeBron James, and LeBron James scoring record odds are cropping up at big sources at OKBET Basketball.

With King James poised to add another tally to his pantheon credentials, let’s take a look at how gamblers can get in on the action with LeBron’s NBA lifetime scoring record chances.

Will LeBron James set a new scoring mark in 2022-23?

It seems safe to predict that LeBron James will break Abdul-record Jabbar’s at some point this season. The 1,325 points he needs to do so is a record he’s reached in 18 of his 19 NBA seasons, with the lone exception being the 2020-21 season, when he was plagued by ailments and only played 45 games at OKBET Basketball.

Serious or numerous injuries are the only thing standing in LeBron’s way this season, but although the bookies are massively backing the “Yes” prop, James has played in 56, 45, 67, and 55 games every season since joining the Lakers. His longevity of brilliance is unrivaled, yet after so many years, there’s little doubt LeBron is no longer the iron man he once was.

When is LeBron James going to shatter the scoring record?

After 1/31/23 (at NYK)Before 1/31/23 (at NYK)

Books predict that LeBron James will break the all-time scoring record soon after the season’s midpoint, with late January-early February being the most likely time frame.

A road meeting at Madison Square Garden versus the Knicks is the current favorite, mainly due to LeBron’s less-than-stellar health record over the last several seasons.

This would be the 52nd game of the season for the Los Angeles Lakers, which means that LeBron would have to average 25.4 points per game in order to reach the “Before” at +110. James averaged 30.3 points per game last season after scoring 25.0 and 25.3 points the previous two seasons.

How is LeBron James going to smash the scoring record?

Scoring methodOdds
2-point field goal-140
3-point field goal+210
Free throw+475

This market allows gamblers to be incredibly precise, attempting to predict exactly how LeBron will break the record. With good reason, a 2-point field goal is the overwhelming favorite. James still shoots a huge percentage of his shots within the arc, plus there’s the intangible issue of a carefully groomed showman like LeBron secretly wanting to smash the record with a thunderous slam at OKBET Basketball.

However, it’s worth mentioning that King James has grown along with the NBA’s 3-point-happy curve, and the percentage of long-range shots he takes has climbed each of the previous six seasons, reaching a career-high 36.7% last year.

Understandably, free throws are a huge deal here. Not only has LeBron’s free-throw rate dropped considerably over the previous three seasons, but he’s also a famously terrible foul shooter, with a.756 record last season being his best in a decade.

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