How to make money on the Internet

The following methods will show you how it is possible to make money on the internet , avoiding the many scams that pollute the Web. I present here only real sites that work with which I earn myself money! If you wish to have a more exhaustive list, then read my article on the different ways to make money on the net .

1. Banks online:

Online banking is by far the best way to make money for three reasons.

  • The first is the 80 € referral bonus you get by registering (via this link for example)
  • The second reason concerns all the savings that can be made with an online bank (free services, free credit card, lower rates and credits …)
  • The third is the possibility of making even more money by sponsoring yourself around you.

Hello Bank is one of the leading online banks in France. If you are looking for one of the best banks that will allow you to earn money easily, I highly recommend it. It proposes a system of sponsorship which remunerates really well!

If your relatives want to register for online services, you will automatically receive 100 euros and your godchild will receive 80. Everyone wins this sponsorship system, especially since the pot can quickly increase to 150 euros , if your godson decides to domicile his income within the bank.

In order for the sponsorship to be granted, your godchild must imperatively be a new customer and follow the link sent by email within 3 months. You will be able to sponsor up to 10 times a year to earn all the same 1200 euros the year. To sponsor it is simple: you will have to go to the menu section at the top left and press the “sponsorship”  tab. Enter your email, that of the person to sponsor as well as his name. Validate your request! The person of your choice will normally receive an invitation to join Hello Bank.

Bank e-bank-boursorama-comparator-better-bank

The online bank Boursorama also offers interesting services and a good system of sponsorship. Besides Hello Bank, it is one of the best banks online. It is one of the leaders in the connected banking market and not without reasons! His mobile app is amazing. Their offer of services and quite breathtaking and ahead of all other banks in the market. Moreover, to return to what concerns us, it is also the bank that offers one of the best bonus sponsorship. If you want to earn another 80 €, then click on the link below to register.

I only mentioned the benefits of online banking related to earning or saving money. But in reality the benefits are much more numerous. Everyone has a “classic” bank account and it’s so simple to open an online account today that I find it quite aberrative financially that some are not yet taking the plunge.

If you click on the link above you will win 80 €! On the other hand it is necessary to push the trick and send his file. You have to motivate yourself to make money, but once the 80 € on your account, you will be happy.

2. Remunerative email sites

There are websites that allow you to earn money while reading emails . So, for sure, each email will not pay you much. On the other hand, if you are serious and you read all the emails that you will receive, you will have the opportunity to earn several tens of euros per month through this.

We have tested several of these sites, and we have selected a few that deserve to appear on GagnArgent. Here they are :

1) Loonea  : Open for two years, it offers a really interesting remuneration on paid missions, surveys, participation in competitions and the most interesting to test products for free. The missions are numerous and you will have something to occupy you and therefore earn money! It is not for nothing that he is first on the list

2)Moolineo  is a site that opened in 2016, but is very responsive. It will remind you the site Loonea both in design and in operation. It is indeed the same company that publishes the two sites. It’s worth it to register on both even if they are very similar because the offers are different, and even when it’s the same you can accumulate both, which would make you two more gains!

3)Gaddin  is a site that offers paid surveys. It has been around for years, and the community around this site is great. The Gaddin site works directly with several leading polling institutes. That’s why the site offers a very good remuneration. It also offers cashback and paid missions.

4)Swagbucks  is a site that offers a variety of remunerative missions.

What’s better than getting paid to do things you already do? Being paid to drink, getting paid to do things like watching videos, shopping and doing research online is pretty good too.

5)Mailorama: This is the leader in this sector, it has existed for many years and its seriousness is well established. Mailorama is known for its paid emails, but it is also a great platform that offers very interesting cashbacks on many e-merchants, but also discount coupons and promotional offers. Mailorama is a must if you want to make money online.