White water sports

The Reconnaissance has an exceptional environment for the practice of white water sports. Within a radius of 10 kilometers you will find introductory and advanced courses for rafting, kayaking, inflatable canoeing or whitewater swimming.

An international slalom pool is accessible at Argentinians la Bessie, a small town a few kilometers south of Brianna.

It is regularly the scene of major national and international canoeing events. Training ground for teams from France and Europe, it is also the … Read the rest

Indian Hockey Looking For Its Glory

In our first issue of Hockey Globe we will look at the Hero Indian League, this hockey NBA that brings together the best players on the planet in the same competition with local Indian players funded by private franchises.

Origins of HIL

For half a century the Indians dominated international hockey with a total of eleven Olympic medals including eight gold. A former British colony, hockey has been taking off all over India since the 19th century and can be … Read the rest

Has your website been Google’s mobile site?

Has your website been Google’s mobile site?

Since  June 2012  Google recommends responsive design to ensure the consistency of user experience across all devices.

The  February 26  Google announced on its blog:

“From April 21st, we will be extending the use of mobile compatibility as a ranking criterion. This change will affect mobile searches in all languages ​​around the world and will have a significant impact on our search results. This will make it easier for users to get quality, relevant results that are optimized for their device. Read the rest

Women’s World Cup – French team eliminated in quarterfinals by Belgium (86-65)


Big disappointment for France Friday in Tenerife. Totally off-topic in the first half, the Blues slumped against Belgium in the quarterfinals (86-65). They miss at the same time an opportunity to find the last square for the first time since … 1953. For their first World Cup, the Belgians, they will challenge the USA Saturday.

The broken dream. French basketball players will not be on the podium of the World Championship in Tenerife (Spain), goal posted when … Read the rest

How to Choose Virtual Assistant Websites

This is the fundamental difference between virtual assistant websites and personal assistants of previous generations. The latter regularly perform the function of organizers, planning the day and reminding of meetings. But they will not cancel, say, a meeting in Hong Kong, if the owner’s flight is postponed, and he is actually in Moscow. Virtual digital assistants take this into account because they are closely related to echolocation services. In addition, they use all the layers of information about the user … Read the rest